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The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) is a national admission test created by the Educational Records Bureau. The examination can provide for children from grades five through twelve, and recently the ISEE also provides the exams for students in grades two through four, with a reliable and standardized account of their academic skills. The ISEE has separate tests depending on the student’s grade level. Each test is broken down into five sections, which include: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, mathematics achievement and a timed Essay. For more information of the ISEE and registration feel free to check out this student guide created by the ERB:

The tutors at Manhattan Elite Prep are experienced in preparing students for the ISEE exam. Each ISEE tutor will be matched to the individual student based on his or her specific learning style and ability. Our tutors will tailor the instruction to your student to best assist him or her by capitalizing on his or her areas of strength and focusing on strategies to overcome his or her weakness areas.

The Manhattan Elite Prep ISEE tutors are not only experienced in preparing students for each section of the ISEE exam, but they are also trained in helping student’s to learn about pacing and other test-taking strategies to ensure that each student reaches his or her highest score potential. Through concentrating on central points, devising concise study strategies, identifying the topics that are most challenging to the student and creating a plan to overcome those challenges, our tutors will assist you in every step of the process! For more information on our tutoring, please contact us at

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