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A government is any organization that has power over a region of land and the people who occupy it. There are many forms of government including Democracy, Oligarchy and Monarchy, which set the laws for their people to abide by, as well as the punishments for breaking these laws. These rules and the entire system that make up the governing body are all subject to change and development over time. Yet, there is more to a government than just its laws, and each form of government in each specific region has many differences depending on its leaders and legislators. To a neophyte student of government, all of the different complex forms, branches, laws, leaders, etc. can get to be a bit overwhelming at times. However, we here at Manhattan Elite Prep have experienced tutors, who will easily explain the subject matter. Whether you want to improve your grade in your Government class or better tailor your campaign speech to get elected as Student Body President, our tutors can help you to explore the many different types of Government to have a better overall understanding of the subject.

Here at Manhattan Elite Prep, we also pride ourselves in preparing students for the AP United States Government Exam. Our skilled instructors will assist students throughout their Advanced Placement US Government Course to ensure that they are excelling with their introduction into collegiate political science and governmental material. The Government tutors at Manhattan Elite Prep will prepare students for each section of the AP United States Government Exam and also provide them with superior test-taking skills (e.g. pacing methods) to help them to reach their highest score potentials and receive college credit.

The tutors at Manhattan Elite Prep are trained to assist any student, regardless of their initial level of knowledge on the subject. Our tutors strive to develop a strategically concise and personalized methodology to best improve and further the abilities of each and every student. After having a solid theoretical foundation of Government imparted by our expert instructors, each student will yearn to learn more about the specific topics and may even go on to pursue one of the many vocational paths in the field of politics, legislation, grant writing, etc. If you have any questions about our Government Tutoring Program, feel free to contact us at, as we hope to be a part of advancing the student’s knowledge in the subject matter.

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