SSAT Exam Prep (In-Person & Online)

The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is administered to students in grades 5-11 and now is also administered to elementary students in grades 3 and 4. This placement examination helps to discern if your child is scholastically gifted for admission into private or independent junior high and high schools.

There are three SSAT levels. All levels of the SSAT contain verbal, quantitative and reading comprehension sections and an unscored writing sample. The SSAT exam is strictly a pencil and paper test and is not take-able online.

Upper Level - For children currently in grades 8-11 who are applying for admission to grades 9 to post graduation. (3 Hours and 5 minutes) The Upper level SSAT quantitative section has more word problems and more algebra than the middle level. The Upper level SSAT reading comprehension passages are slightly longer and more complicated than the middle level. The Upper level SSAT synonyms and analogies are more difficult and test a higher level of vocabulary.

Middle Level - For children currently in grades 5-7 who are looking for admission to grades 6-8. (3 Hours and 5 minutes).

Elementary Level - For children currently in 3rd or fourth grade who are applying for admission to 4th/5th grades. (2 hours and 5 minutes.

There are two types of SSAT administrations.

  1. There is standard where the exam is given on eight designated Saturdays during the academic year at test sites around the world.
  2. There is flex where the exam is given to an individual or group on any other date than the eight standard dates.

SSAT Prep Overview

The SSAT tutors here at Manhattan Elite Prep are well versed on all five of the essay and multiple-choice sections of this placement exam test. In addition, our SSAT Test Preparation is offered at any point throughout the year, which allows a student to begin at any time.

SSAT Tutoring Overview

Your individual SSAT tutor will customize the sessions within the program based on your core performance, preferred learning methods, and reachable goals. You and your tutor will then build an understanding around your specific learning style and individual goals. Together, you will go through the program step-by-step and work until you master every concept and every question type.Our tutors are all experienced and trained professionals, who have taught prior to all sessions. When you enroll here at Manhattan Elite Prep, you will be matched with one of our available tutors based on your preferences, goals, and individual needs. Each tutor specializes in his or her own successful teaching method that can be tailored to help any individual student reach his or her highest score potential. For more information on our tutoring, please contact us at

Middle Level/Upper Level SSAT Format

Section Number of Questions Duration
*Note: Of 167, only 150 questions are scored.
Writing Sample 1 (Unscored) 25 minutes
Break 5 minutes
Quantitative 25 30 minutes
Reading 40 40 minutes
Break 10 minutes
Verbal 60 30 minutes
Quantitative 25 30 minutes
Experimental 16 15 minutes
Total 167 3 hours, 5 minutes

Elementary Level SSAT Format

Section Number of Questions Duration
Quantitative 30 30 minutes
Verbal 30 20 minutes
Break 15 minutes
Reading 28 30 minutes
Writing Sample 1 Prompt 15 minutes
Experimental 15 - 17 15 minutes
Total 89 2 hours, 5 minutes

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