German Tutoring (In-Person & Online)

German, like French, Italian and other Romance languages, is derived from Latin. Over 100 million people in various countries all over the world speak the German language. In addition, an increasing number of corporations are in need of bilingual or German-speaking representatives to conduct business with oversees and internationally based firms.

Whether you want to add German to your resume and increase your employability, you are having difficulty in a German collegiate course, or if you are planning a trip to Germany and would like to learn the language; Manhattan Elite Prep can help! We have experienced German instructors and tutors that can help you to master the German language.

Manhattan Elite Prep offers specialized German courses that can help students at any level of German proficiency. Our German instructors and tutors are able to assist students in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our professional German instructors and tutors prepare classes based on the needs of individual students.

In order to improve each and every student’s German skills, the tutors and instructors at Manhattan Elite Prep will tailor their teaching methods to ensure that each student gets the most out of the sessions. After working with our German instructors or tutors, you will be understanding and speaking German fluently in no time!

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