Middle School Homeschooling (In-Person & Online)

Our Homeschool teachers provide specialized plans to help your middle schooler succeed.

Middle school occurs between elementary school and high school, and is typically from 6th to 8th grade, but can also be from 7th–9th grade, depending on the school district. After middle school, is high school, which is typically grades 9-12. Basic subjects are taught in middle school and students often remain in one or two classrooms throughout the school day, except for physical education, library, music, art, and computer classes.

Although early childhood education gets a lot of attention due to brain development, the stages and importance of middle school identity development can be critical in determining high school and college success. Middle school students have very different needs than high school and elementary students: their emotions feel stronger, and their thoughts become more complex. Homeschooling a student during this age can be ideal, as they can have a safe space to navigate through their changing thoughts and emotions. Many parents also choose to homeschool their children during these formative years, to help prepare them to then rejoin their classmates in high school.

Our middle school homeschool instructors can work with you to determine the best-fit study method and curriculum for your student!

Registration & Payment - K-12 Homeschooling

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