English Tutoring (In-Person & Online)

Here at Manhattan Elite Prep our English tutors are ready to help!
Our English tutoring includes:

  • ESL
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Literature (Thru A.P.)
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Handwriting
  • Punctuation
  • Phonics

Our professional English and language arts tutors prepare class based on the needs and primary struggles of the students. In order to improve the student’s skills in the classroom, the tutors tackle work directly from the student’s everyday school material. This will help the student understand what he or she is learning in school and excel in the classroom.

Working one-on-one with our English tutors allows the student to feel more at ease while learning the subject, as well as making the student more comfortable to ask any questions they have about the subject. Improving one’s reading and writing skills can further improve one’s general learning capabilities in the future!

We are positive that our English tutors will be able to boost your grade point average in school! For more information on English tutoring, please email us at K12@manhattaneliteprep.com.

English Courses & Tutoring (In-Person & Online)

Do you have trouble understanding your peers or colleagues? Are you nervous about speaking up in class or have a big presentation coming up at work? Is your writing simply not as eloquent and sophisticated as you would like it to be? There is no need to fret; here at Manhattan Elite Prep, we have experienced English Instructors and Tutors that can help you to master the English language! Manhattan Elite Prep offers specialized English courses that can help students at any level of English proficiency. Our English instructors and tutors are able to assist students in reading, writing, grammar, listening, speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling, handwriting and even punctuation. Our professional English instructors and tutors prepare classes based on the needs of individual students. In order to improve each and every student’s English skills, the tutors and instructors at Manhattan Elite Prep will tailor their teaching methods to ensure that each student gets the most out of the sessions.

Mastering the English language can help further your scholastic and vocational career. In addition, improving your reading and writing skills can improve your general learning capabilities in the future!

Registration & Payment - K-12 Academic Tutoring

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For more information please email us at K12@manhattaneliteprep.com.