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United States History spans from when the first settlers stepped foot on the continent, until the present state of our great nation. The rich history of the United States includes the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, the Civil War, the World Wars and other impactful events that not only shaped the United States, but also changed the landscape of the World. Manhattan Elite Prep has experienced tutors that will help you to remember the milestones of United States History, as well as the key figures that played roles in these major events. Our experienced United States History tutors will help you prepare for classes and courses at any level, and even the US History Advanced Placement Exam! The US History tutors at Manhattan Elite Prep have developed creative ways to engage our students and make the learning process more exciting. Our instructors will structure lesson plans and tailor teaching methodologies to meet students at their individual levels of education to help them progress.

Manhattan Elite Prep is positive that our United States History tutors will be able to boost your grade point average! For more information on United States History tutoring, please email us at K12@manhattaneliteprep[dot]com.

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