Homeschooling (In-Person & Online for Pre-Kindergarden & K-12)

Manhattan Elite Prep teachers can homeschool children of any age!

Home education, known as homeschooling, is the education of children outside of a school setting - typically inside the home. In many countries, homeschooling is a legal alternative to traditional public and private schools. School is typically conducted by a parent or a qualified tutor. It can also be done online. Many people consider it a less formal way of education, because students can usually move at their own pace and have more flexibility with curriculum, unlike in a traditional school.

No state requires that a homeschool program's curriculum is accredited. In fact, curriculum can't be accredited. Most colleges and universities do not require this either, although it is possible there are some exceptions. These institutions of higher learning hold homeschool students to the same admissions standards as other applicants: students are advised to distinguish themselves in some way during the high school years, and still need to take the necessary college entrance exams. We offer homeschooling for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School and High School!

Representative Homeschool Instructor

Our homeschool instructor has been teaching for fifteen years. Her lessons are communicative and often involve games, music, podcasts, stories, and art (where appropriate and time-permitting). She taught after-school Spanish and French programs to children ranging from 4-10 years old for over two years with a language school named Berlitz in California.  She also taught writing clinics, which included lessons on persuasion/argumentation, narrative writing, vocabulary building, reading and general academic support. She also designed and taught a month-long, private English summer program for two Brazilian sisters, 6 and 8. She speaks accent-less, fully bilingual Spanish and has lived, worked, and studied around the world. She earned her B.A of Science and Arts in Literature from the University of Iowa with minors in Spanish and French. She also spent a school year studying in Universidad de Salamanca in Spain. After that, she went on to earn her Master’s in Education and earned her TESOL certification. She tailors the lessons to match the individual’s needs, goals, and learning style in order to ensure student growth and success.

Representative Homeschool Instructor

Our homeschool instructor graduated from Montclair State University in 2019 with a degree in Child Advocacy & Policy Work and minors in Political Science and Social Work. Most recently, she spent the past year working for a not-for-profit firm in downtown Manhattan as a Bilingual Legal Advocate. During the past two academic school years (fall 2018-Spring 2020) she instructed High School Spanish I & II for a student during her sophomore and junior years: All instruction was conducted via video conference calls and shared screens. The course included lesson plans on grammar/writing, speaking/listening, geography and cultures. The student averaged in the A-/B+ realm and successfully completed her 2 years of a world language requirement. Our homeschool instructor found it easy to quickly adapt to remote learning and to the student’s learning style to provide a meaningful experience!

Manhattan Elite Prep teachers will use the best homeschooling method to suit your child's needs.

Representative Homeschool Instructor

Our homeschool instructor is a recent college graduate who is originally from Monterrey, Mexico. She moved to the United States when she was nine years old and has since lived in Bal Harbour, Florida. She has always enjoyed working with children through various volunteer opportunities. While earning her Bachelor’s degree at Yeshiva University in New York, she had the opportunity to become very involved in the “START” club. Through this club, she volunteered in a Public School in Washington Heights were she taught science to a fourth grade bilingual class. As the only native Spanish speaker of the club, she facilitated the lessons by translating and explaining the concepts that were taught. At Yeshiva University, she also tutored students and was part of the “Tech for Life” club at Yeshiva University that taught younger students how to use computers. She was a Teacher’s Assistant for a Hebrew Language professor at Yeshiva University, which gave her a lot of experience in teaching a foreign language as well as in managing a classroom, and creating lesson plans.

Representative Homeschool Instructor

Our homeschool instructor graduated from Hunter College with a degree in Theater and later did a Master’s degree in Spanish Literature and Secondary Education at Hunter College. She also holds a professional certification in teaching Spanish from New York State and Florida State.  She obtained another Master’s degree in Educational Theater, ESL and Bilingual education at City College. Presently, she has worked for the Department of Education in NYC for over 10 years and about 5 years ago went to work in Gabon, Africa and France to teach English and Spanish in private schools. During this period, she studied French and got a Master’s in Business Communications and Creative Writing with different online graduate programs from Spain. While she was working as a Spanish teacher for the DOE in NYC, she also opened her freelance teaching corporation, Creative Language. She works as a freelance online English and Spanish teacher as well as reading and math to different school systems. Our homeschool instructor has also organizing learning programs for the orphans of Nissi Organization in Port Gentil, Gabon. She has 20 years teaching experience with students of all ages and nationalities.


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