Foreign Language Tutoring (In-Person & Online)

Love foreign languages but having some difficulty? We’d love to help!

Our Foreign Language topics include:

Whether you are learning the basics of a foreign language or at the Advanced Placement level, our Foreign Language tutors are able to engage our students and make learning a foreign language more fun!

Whether you are planning a vacation and would like to learn the local tongue, or you are interested in adding bilingual to your resume to be more attractive to potential employers, we here at Manhattan Elite Prep will help you master any language of your choosing. Our experienced Language Tutors and Instructors can help you to excel in reading, writing and speaking fluently. Manhattan Elite Prep provides specialized services and resources to assist students of language at every level, from beginner all the way to proficient.

Who says you have to be immersed in a foreign country to learn the language? We offer interactive auditory and visual lessons, as well as up to date vocabulary memorization techniques, idiom deciphering methods, pronoun agreement systems and pronunciation tips to enable any student to become a skilled author or orator in the language of their liking.

We are positive that our Foreign Language tutors will be able to boost your grade point average and help with your foreign language proficiency! If there is any foreign language that you need extra help with that is not listed above, please let us know and we will make it our goal to help you!

Manhattan Elite Prep Instructors & Tutors

Learning how to speak, read, write and understand an entirely new language can at times be difficult for the novice student. However, we here at Manhattan Elite Prep have experienced instructors and tutors, who will explain all the nuances of a new language in a clear and fun way. The instructors and tutors at Manhattan Elite Prep are trained to assist any student, regardless of their initial level of proficiency in that particular language. Our instructors and tutors strive to develop a strategically concise and personalized methodology to best improve and further the language abilities of each and every student. In addition, Manhattan Elite Prep has flexible course and tutoring schedules to meet the needs of students.

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