TACHS Tutoring (In-Person & Online)

The TACHS, or Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools usually takes place in November of each year as eighth graders are in the midst of their final year of middle school. The TACHS is administered, in New York City and many surrounding New York counties, to hopeful future high school freshman of the top NY Catholic High Schools. Admission boards at these prestigious, scholastic, catholic institutions weigh the TACHS scores heavily upon prospective applicants. With an opportunity of an advanced education and an inside track to top Catholic Universities at stake, many students prepare diligently for the TACHS exam.

The TACHS measures academic achievement in not only a student’s mathematics and reading and language skills, but also assesses each student’s ability to find, understand and predict patterns and sequences. The different sections of the exam are utilized to discern each student’s previously obtained knowledge, general ability and future growth and development.

The Manhattan Elite Prep TACHS tutors are not only experienced in preparing students for each section of the TACHS exam, but they are also trained in helping student’s to learn about pacing and other test-taking strategies to ensure that each student reaches his or her highest score potential. Our knowledgeable tutors will be matched to each individual student based on the student’s specific learning style. Each tutor specializes in his or her own successful teaching method that can be tailored to meet the needs of any student. Through concentrating on central points, devising concise study strategies, identifying the topics that are most challenging to the student and creating a plan to overcome those challenges, our tutors will assist you in every step of the process! For more information on our tutoring, please contact us at K12@manhattaneliteprep.com.

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