Primary School Homeschooling (In-Person & Online)

Our Pre-K Homeschool teachers can provide preschoolers with the at-home instruction they need.

Primary school, also called elementary school, is the main point of delivery of primary education in the United States, for children between the ages of 6–11. This is the next step after kindergarten.

Primary education focuses on basic academic learning and socialization skills, and introducing children to the broad range of knowledge, skills and behavioral adjustments they need to succeed in life. Students learn basic arithmetic, English proficiency (basic grammar, spelling, and vocabulary), and fundamentals of other subjects, such as social studies and science. The broad topic of social studies may include key events, documents, understandings, and concepts in American history and geography, and in some programs, state or local history and geography. Topics included under the broader term of science vary from the physical sciences such as physics and chemistry, through the biological sciences such as biology, ecology, and physiology.

In the majority of primary schools, physical education, art and music are not taught. Learning standards are identified for all areas of a curriculum by individual states. Typically, the curriculum in public elementary schools is determined by each school district. The school district selects curriculum guides and textbooks that reflect a state's learning standards and benchmarks for a given grade level.

Our primary school homeschool instructors can work with you to determine the best-fit study method and curriculum for your child!

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