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Geography can be broken up into two main subjects including: human geography and physical geography. Human geography is the study of human life on the planet, while physical geography is the study of the natural ever-changing environment. One of the most common difficulties students run into while studying geography is the ability to correctly differentiate between the two. Here at Manhattan Elite Prep, our geography tutors help students to successfully separate all of the elements of geography in a clear and concise way. Our geography tutors review the student’s current homework and in class performance to discern trouble areas and identify growth spots to retool their instructive methods. Who says geography has to be a difficult subject? Our professionals will strive to make learning intriguing and fun for the student, in an environment that is designed to promote academic growth.

Here at Manhattan Elite Prep, we also pride ourselves in preparing students for the AP Human Geography Exam. Our skilled instructors will assist students throughout their Advanced Placement Human Geography Course to ensure that they are excelling with their introduction into collegiate geographical material. The Geography tutors at Manhattan Elite Prep will prepare students for each section of the AP Human Geography Exam and also provide them with superior test-taking skills (e.g. pacing methods) to help them to reach their highest score potentials and receive college credit.

If there is any specific area of geography that you would like tutoring in and it is not listed above, there is no need to fret! We here at Manhattan Elite Prep will make it our goal to accommodate the student’s very interest. Our tutors have extensive experience in improving learning methods and increasing grades for students. Our guarantee is to make geography easy and understandable. Students will be taught the most effective way to memorize and recite information when needed. The next time the student takes a test in geography, we promise a full letter grade boost, thanks to our amazing tutors!

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