Arabic Tutoring (In-Person & Online)

Modern Standard Arabic is spoken across the Middle East and many regions of North Africa. However, each Arabic speaking country and territory has its own version of spoken language. In addition, Classical Arabic the language that makes up the majority of traditional Arabic literature has a different stylistic form and has variations of many terms then Modern Standard Arabic.

In addition to these incongruities that makes learning Arabic a challenging process, the abjab (Arabic alphabet) is a complex set of symbols that can be difficult to recreate. Yet, we here at Manhattan Elite Prep will help you to master the Arabic language. Manhattan Elite Prep has experienced teachers and tutors that provide speaking, writing and reading Arabic instruction.

Our professional Arabic instructors and tutors prepare classes based on the needs of individual students. In order to improve each and every student’s Arabic skills, the tutors and instructors at Manhattan Elite Prep will tailor their teaching methods to ensure that each student gets the most out of the sessions. After working with our Arabic instructors or tutors, you will be understanding and speaking Arabic fluently in no time!

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