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Psychology is the study of the mind, feelings, cognitions, behavior and how people relate to one another and their environment. There is a multitude of theoretical formulations that attempt to explain thinking, feeling or acting, depending on the situational context. Psychoanalysis, Psychobiology, Behaviorism and Existentialism are just some of the many theories that attempt to explain why we are the way that we are. With so many competing theories it is often difficult to parcel them out and remember which prominent figures had created them. To a neophyte student of psychology, all of the different theories, psychologists, psychiatrists, instruments, measures, diagnoses, experiments, etc. can get confusing at times. However, we here at Manhattan Elite Prep have experienced tutors, who will easily explain the subject matter. Whether you want to improve your grade in your Psychology class or better understand your own personality, our tutors can help you to explore the many different avenues of Psychology to have a better overall understanding of the subject.

Here at Manhattan Elite Prep, we also pride ourselves in preparing students for the AP Psychology Exam. Our skilled instructors will assist students throughout their Advanced Placement Psychology Course to ensure that they are excelling with their introduction into collegiate psychological material. The Psychology tutors at Manhattan Elite Prep will prepare students for each section of the AP Psychology Exam and also provide them with superior test-taking skills (e.g. pacing methods) to help them to reach their highest score potentials and receive college credit.

The tutors at Manhattan Elite Prep are trained to assist any student, regardless of their initial level of knowledge on the subject. Our tutors strive to develop a strategically concise and personalized methodology to best improve and further the abilities of each and every student. After having a solid theoretical foundation of Psychology imparted by our expert instructors, each student will yearn to learn more about the specific topics and may even go on to pursue one of the many vocational paths in the field of Social Work, Institutional Mental Health, the Medical field, etc. If you have any questions about our Psychology Tutoring Program, feel free to contact us at

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