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The ACT (American College Testing) is one of the two standardized tests (along with the Standardized Aptitude Test (SAT)) for college admissions in the United States. The exam measures students' preparedness for colleges and universities by testing the critical thinking skills that are essential for success after high school. The test is made up of English, Mathematics, Reading and Science sections, as well as an optional Writing section. A testing session lasts approximately 4 hours for the required topics and five hours, if the student completes the optional Writing section. The registration cost for the ACT costs is $49.50 for the entire exam and $34 without the Writing Section.

The role an applicant's ACT score plays in his or her candidacy to attend a college of university varies between institutions. While is its the preferred standardized test of most colleges in the Midwest and the South, the SAT is more widely accepted on the East and West Coasts. Some colleges require neither, opting to evaluate candidacy solely on the basis of high school coursework, GPA, extracurricular experiences, writing samples and recommendations. Because of variance across high schools resulting from differences in curriculum, grading and rigor, standardized tests like the ACT and SAT provide admissions boards with a comparable element for the applicant pool.

ACT Tutoring

The ACT tutors at Manhattan Elite Prep are experienced in preparing students for each and every area of these important exams. Our tutors will help you to devise various multiple choice answering strategies, depending on the specific question type and topic. Whether providing overviews of the different ACT sections, teaching updated study approaches or assisting students with plans for test day (e.g. pacing methods); our tutors will assist students in every step of the process!

In addition, each ACT tutor will be matched to the individual student based on his or her specific learning style and ability. Our tutors will tailor the instruction to your student to best assist him or her by capitalizing on his or her areas of strength and focusing on strategies to overcome his or her weakness areas. To ensure that you receive the highest score possible, study here with the best at Manhattan Elite Prep! For more information on our tutoring, please contact us at K12@manhattaneliteprep[dot]com.

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