SSAT Study Material

Official SSAT Practice Online

*When it comes to test preparation of any kind, we always encourage students to practice as close to the source as possible. This means working through materials released by the test-writers themselves, if these are available. The Enrollment Management Association (EMA) doesn’t release a ton of materials, but their Official SSAT Online Practice is ideal for students preparing for the Middle and/or Upper-Level SSAT. 

Here’s what comes with an SSAT Practice Online account: A mini SSAT practice test (free); 3 full-length practice tests; 15 section tests; 4th full-length test (additional purchase); Quizzes; Access to on-demand content; Other free resources. You do have to pay for the Practice Online. Currently, a one-year subscription (without the fourth practice test) is $69.95. That fourth practice test is an additional $19.99. Online practice materials can be helpful especially if they include timed practice tests and identification of specific math and reading areas requiring additional focus. 

Official SSAT Guide Books

If you’d rather work from a physical book, we recommend that students purchase an Official SSAT Guide Book (Middle or Upper Level). Each book includes: 3 full-length practice tests with answers and explanations; Information on registering for the SSAT; Details about the SSAT; Character Skills Snapshot. The price is $59.95.  The practice tests included in these books are exactly the same as those offered online through the SSAT Practice Online package.

So, which should you choose? As the SSAT is administered on paper, we always encourage students to have a physical SSAT resource on-hand. However, the SSAT Practice Online can be useful for students who enroll in remote tutoring and/or wish for extra practice via quizzes.

Other SSAT Material

For upper level testing, there are a variety of test prep materials including Ivy, Barrons, Peterson, Tutorverse, Princeton Review amongst others. 

There are many fewer resources available for middle level testing and several of them seem inappropriate for the grade level (too difficult). Tutorverse and the EMA book are among the limited resources.

Paper exams are much preferred for actual exam practice because they are closer to the feel of the actual exam and can be timed by an independent resource. We would encourage parents to purchase or have us purchase the EMA online package since it offers much material, is prepared by the actual testing company, gives a better indication of which materials to study, and is updated.