Ace the SSAT Synonym Section

The synonym section of the SSAT is very challenging due to the difficult vocabulary, as well as the traps that the test-makers include to confuse you. The first trap to look out for is the Secondary Part of Speech Trap. Sometimes the word has a secondary meaning when it is used in a different part of speech. For example, words can be both a noun and a verb, and have different meanings depending on their part of speech.

It is very important to be aware of traps, especially on the synonym section. Be on the lookout for Secondary Part of Speech, Homophone, and Related Word traps. Choose an ISEE and SSAT test prep program that is customized to address each your individual strengths and weaknesses, and develop a customized preparation plan to arm your child with powerful and up-to-date strategies for all sections of the test.

The SSAT tutors here at Manhattan Elite Prep are well versed on all five of the essay and multiple-choice sections of this placement exam test. In addition, our SSAT Test Preparation is offered at any point throughout the year, which allows a student to begin at any time.

Your individual SSAT tutor will customize the sessions within the program based on your core performance, preferred learning methods, and reachable goals. You and your tutor will then build an understanding around your specific learning style and individual goals. Each tutor specializes in his or her own successful teaching method that can be tailored to help any individual student reach his or her highest score potential. For more information on our tutoring, please contact us at