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GMAT Student Review (Oslo | Norway)

Calvin has a very sharp mind, he's easy with communication, and consistently has a good mood during our GMAT class. He always provides easy to understand explanations that really enhance our tutoring.



GMAT Verbal Grammar Quick Tip - List of Irregular Verbs - Oslo

To correctly use the verbs in different tense forms, please study the list carefully.

Base Form:  Past Tense:     Past Participle:

Find                   Found              Found

Fit                      Fitted; Fit          Fitted; Fit

Fly                     Flew                  Flown

Forget                Forgot               Forgotten

Freeze                Froze                Frozen

Get                     Got                    Gotten; Got

Give                   Gave                  Given

Go                      Went                  Gone

Grow                   Grew                 Grown

Hang (an object)  Hung                Hung

Hang (a person)   Hanged            Hanged

Hear                      Heard              Heard

Hide                       Hid                   Hidden; Hid

Hit                          Hit                    Hit

Hold                       Held                 Held

Hurt                       Hurt                  Hurt

Keep                      Kept                 Kept

Kneel               Knelt; Kneeled       Knelt; Kneeled

Knit                  Knit; Knitted           Knit; Knitted

Know                     Knew                Known

Lay (put down)       Laid                  Laid 

Lead                       Led                   Led

Base Form:        Past Tense:      Past Participle:

Lean                      Leaned              Leaned

Leave                    Left                      Left

Lend                      Lent                     Lent

Let                         Let                       Let

Lie (recline)           Lay                       Lain

Light                      Lighted; Lit           Lighted; Lit

Lose                      Lost                       Lost

Make                     Made                     Made

Mean                     Meant                    Meant

Meet                       Met                       Met

Pay                        Paid                      Paid

Prove                     Proved                  Proved; Proven

Put                          Put                       Put

Quit                       Quit; Quitted          Quit; Quitted

Read                       Read                    Read

Rid                        Rid; Ridden            Rid; Ridden

Ride                         Rode                   Ridden

Ring                         Rang                   Rung

Run                          Ran                     Run

Say                          Said                     Said

See                          Saw                     Seen


"I wanted to thank you and the Manhattan Elite Prep team for accommodating me with GMAT Private Tutoring before my GMAT exam. It was a pleasure to work with Cynthia. She helped me out tremendously and she was very easy to get along with. Tutoring someone for only a week is a hard task in itself and she was more than helpful and accommodating to my concerns and needs. I definitely recommend GMAT Private Tutoring with Cynthia to other students not only because she is great to get along with, but because she is able to put different scenarios into a perspective that is easy to understand. She truly knows what she is doing and is very honest with her students which I deeply admire. Again, thank you for everything you did to help me and thank you for putting me in contact with a great tutor, I really appreciate all of the help that I was given."(5 out of 5 Rating on Google Review)

GMAT Tutoring (In-Person/Online)

  • In-Person or Online
  • Advanced Pack (10+ Hrs):US$115/hour; Includes Online Library & 5 Online Practice Tests (Computer Adaptive Tests)
  • Basic Pack (<10 hours): US$125/hour; Requires minimum purchase of 2 hours
  • Schedule: Tailored, flexible, mutual agreement with instructor

GMAT Elite Tutoring (In-Person/Online)

  • Elite Pack (2+ Hrs): US$200/hour; High Priority; Books (Official Guide For GMAT Review, Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review & GMAT Verbal Review), Five Challenging Online Practice Tests (Computer Adaptive Tests), Digital Guides Collection, GMAT Prep Online Recording Library
  • Highest priority for scheduling and service
  • Matched with tutor according to specific needs and availability
  • Multiple specialists provided who cater to individual learning styles
  • All materials from the courses included

GMAT Private Course (In-Person/Online)

  • In-Person or Online
  • Price:US$1580
  • Total Hours: 12 hours of Dedicated 1-on-1 Sessions
  • Combines the benefits of private tutoring with a top instructor who will teach with a structured outline at a pre-arranged time schedule to improve your test score effectively with less stress when compared to a classroom setting or a pay-as-you-go tutoring package
  • Schedule: Due to the fixed number of hours per course, our most sought-after teachers are more likely to work with private course students since they could pre-arrange the schedule with a tailored lesson plan by turning away other students. Meanwhile, students can learn at their own pace.
  • Total Savings of $500+!
  • Full access to books/tests, Online Recording Library & Digital Guides Collection
  • Structure: similar to a classroom course, ensuring coverage of all exam topics while offering flexibility to tailor your study in the most systematic and constructive manner


GMAT Private Course Sample Schedule

  • Session 1 - Arithmetic; Algebra Review
  • Session 2 - Word Problems; Plane Geometry;Statistics; Probability
  • Session 3 – Critical Reasoning
  • Session 4 - Reading Comprehension
  • Session 5 - Data Insights I
  • Session 6 - Data Insights II




Private Tutoring and Private Course Details

  • Location: Flexible, mutual agreement with instructor (Ease of participation at home or anywhere convenient)
  • Topic and difficulty level: 100% tailored to your preference (Focus on specific areas of difficulty through targeted practice)
  • No. of instructors: 1 or 2 (depending on availability & topics)
  • Mix of exercises in each session; ample time for answering questions
  • In-depth analyses of successful strategies to arrive at correct solutions
  • Structured to benefit both novice and expert test-takers
  • Personalized agendas that pay specific attention to the student's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Integrates all the course resources including books and online access to aid in self-study
  • Student Discount to Admissions Help
  • Unlimited Support via Email, Chat & Phone (7 days a week; all messages will be returned as soon as possible within 24 hours)
  • Within 24-48 hours after your payment, you will receive an email with a questionnaire, digital course links, score improvement advice, and more so that you can start prepping for the test with us right away! Instructor bios and testimonials available upon request.



Manhattan Elite Prep's Advantages

Time Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness

  • The most limiting factor in GMAT preparation for people is time.
  • Our preparation is tailored for busy professionals. We will teach you what you need to know in the least amount of time.
  • It takes significantly more teaching experience and techniques to prepare a student in less time.
  • Our high-quality and dedicated instructors are committed to helping every student reach her/his goals

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"Manhattan Elite Prep was able to get me on track and hold me accountable for studying. My GMAT Private Tutoring instructor was prompt for each session. The staff at the headquarters was easy to work with and communicated well throughout my inquiry into the services and during the follow-up. I would recommend Manhattan Elite Prep for GMAT Private Tutoring to anyone who had studied previously and wasn't starting from scratch."(5 out of 5 Rating on Google Review)

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GMAT Online Prep Benefits

  • Best simulation of the test-taking experience in front of a computer
  • REAL-TIME communication with instructor via speaking, writing and sharing a whiteboard. This is made possible through our partnership with WebEx & Zoom, the leaders in online training centers.
  • Post-class review through high-quality recorded sessions
  • Minimal travel time with no worries about weather or traffic

GMAT Private Course Resources

  • Well-illustrated and professionally presented strategies and exclusive problems for both the Verbal Section and the Quantitative Section; Detailed solutions
  • Internally developed Quantitative and Verbal vocabulary list with detailed definitions, related words and sentence examples
  • Five Challenging Online Practice Tests (Computer Adaptive Tests)
  • Official Guide For GMAT Review, Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review & GMAT Verbal Review
  • Digital Guides Collection
  • GMAT Prep Online Recording Library
  • Math Review Handout: Rate / Speed / Distance/ Mixture; Ratio; Tables / Graphs; Geometry; Probability; Combinatorics/ Permutation (pdf)

Oslo GMAT Prep Instructor

Our Oslo GMAT instructor is writing his master thesis for ESADE Business School, where he will receive a MSc in International Management. His master thesis is about how to learn faster and better, and why organizations should incorporate the new science of learning. He scored a near perfect score on the math section (49) and a perfect integrated reasoning score (8). He holds as BSc in Finance from Northern Illinois University (NIU), where he also played NCAA division 1 soccer, as a scholarship student. He is very passionate about learning, and has previous teaching experience from being a finance tutor at NIU and teaching English for 5 months in Brazil.


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