MCAT Prep Study Guides

If in-person or online MCAT Prep through Manhattan Elite Prep is not a possibility for you, study guides for this exam are critical. Many students often are confused as to what to pursue in regards to MCAT Prep study guides, textbooks or practice tests.

In regards to MCAT Prep study books, here are some options for you with comprehensive breakdowns to help you find your way in the bookstore!

The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam 5th Edition

*NOTE This Guide does not include online practice questions. AAMC sells them separately on their website for $34 each.

Updated in 2017, the fifth edition of this guidebook provides extensive information on "everything MCAT." It was developed by the MCAT team, with feedback from focus groups conducted among medical school aspirants and current medical students to determine the content, which includes:

  • 120 passage-based and independent questions with solutions written exclusively by MCAT exam developers at the AAMC (30 questions for each of the four sections of the exam).
  • A description of the content assessed by each section of the exam.
  • Tips on how to efficiently prepare for the exam.
  • Tips to help come up with the right solutions
  • Information on how the exam is scored, including information on holistic admissions, and more.

The Gold Standard MCAT with Online Practice

The Gold Standard MCAT has been preparing students for over 25 years. It is THE complete and fully updated review for the new Medical College Admissions Computer Based Test. The 16th Edition of The Gold Standard continues to be one of the best selling manuals, standing as the flagship for the industry. The Gold Standard includes a comprehensive and easy to understand review of the MCAT, 3 pull-out full-length practice exams with explanations, also available as MCAT CBTs online for free, and hundreds of pages in full color! NEW features include three dimensional color diagrams, MCAT objectives at the beginning of chapters, equation lists, free online chapter review questions with explanations, and an organic chemistry mechanisms summary. BONUS No.1: Students also get The 3 Gold Standard exams as MCAT CBTs - free and online. BONUS No.2: Free online access to ten hours of teaching videos! The 16th Edition of The Gold Standard covers all key aspects of medical school admissions. All science sections are covered in detail. Proven verbal and writing strategies are designed to aid the student to competently prepare for the MCAT verbal reasoning section. The "Five Minute, Five Step" approach to the writing sample, tried and tested by students throughout the world is elucidated. Conversion tables for your MCAT scores are included. The Gold Standard will teach you how to improve your grades, how to prepare for the medical school interview, strategies for autobiographical materials and letters of references, and much more. Over 100 diagrams and illustrations take the MCAT learning experience to a new level!