LSAT Overview


  • The LSAT is a 3.5 to 4 hour test and can be taken at any one of many test centers in the United States and around the world 9 times a year.
  • The LSAT composite score ranges from 120 to 180 and is drawn from the four scored multiple choice sections. The writing section does not get factored into the composite score.
    • The average and most popular LSAT score for nearly all administrations is 151.
  • The test measures a student’s aptitude in those disciplines required in the legal profession: understanding and creating solid arguments, logical thinking, and document analysis.
  • It costs $127 to register for a single LSAT administration.
    • An additional fee of $12.00 per law school is charged for score reports.
  • The LSAT is held only 4 times a year (June, September/October, December, and February)

***Important information: LSAT Content Changes: September 2019***

Beginning in September 2019, the LSAT exam will be exclusively offered in digital format in North America. The Digital LSAT will contain the same multiple-choice content and structure as the traditional paper-and-pencil LSAT, but it will now be delivered on easy-to-use tablets instead. These tablets will be provided to test takers at each testing center.

Test day is now shorter for test takers because the LSAT Writing will be administered separately from the LSAT multiple-choice test sections, online via a secure testing platform. Another important change is that answers are now selected on the screen by tapping on the answer choice. There are no more paper answer sheets. The tablet offers great features such as a timer with a five-minute warning, highlighting, and flagging to keep track of questions that a test taker may want to revisit in a section.

LSAT Section Comparisons

  Section # Of Questions Time Allowed Details  
  LSAT Reading Comprehension 26-28 1 35 min section 4 Passages: Natural Science, Social Science, Humanities, Law (5-8 questions per passage)  
  LSAT Logical Reasoning 49-51 2 35 min sections Assumption-based – Assumption, Strengthen, Weaken, Flaw (50%), Inference-based (20%), Method of Argument (5%), Parallel Reasoning (5%), Point of Contention (5%), All other types (15%)  
  LSAT Logic Games 22-24 1 35 min section Sequencing, Matching, Grouping, Selection, Hybrid Games  
  LSAT Writing Sample 1 Essay 35 min Choose-a-side Argument Prompt OR Argument Analysis Prompt  
  Total Time   3:30 - 4:00 hours