LSAT Overview

LSAT Section Comparisons

Section # Of Questions Time Allowed Details
LSAT Reading Comprehension 26-28 1 35 min section 4 Passages: Natural Science, Social Science, Humanities, Law (5-8 questions per passage)
LSAT Logical Reasoning 49-51 2 35 min sections Assumption-based – Assumption, Strengthen, Weaken, Flaw (50%), Inference-based (20%), Method of Argument (5%), Parallel Reasoning (5%), Point of Contention (5%), All other types (15%)
LSAT Logic Games 22-24 1 35 min section Sequencing, Matching, Grouping, Selection, Hybrid Games
LSAT Writing Sample 1 Essay 35 min Choose-a-side Argument Prompt OR Argument Analysis Prompt
Total Time 3:30 - 4:00 hours

LSAT Reading Comprehension Details

Reading Comprehension on the LSAT is tested in one 35-minute English section of 26-28 questions. The section consists of four passages representing each of these four topics: Natural Science (biology, chemistry, physic, mathematics, astronomy, medicine), Social Science (history, sociology, anthropology), Humanities (art, literature, poetry, music, film), and Law. One of the passages will be split into two, shorter passages and the resultant questions will be comparative in nature.  Each passage has 5-8 questions asking about the passage’s structure, the author's tone and point of view, and other topics.

LSAT Logical Reasoning Details

LSAT Logical Reasoning is tested in two 35-minute sections of 24-26 questions each. These questions are designed to evaluate your ability to understand, analyze, criticize, and complete a variety of arguments. Each logical reasoning question requires you to read and comprehend a short passage, then answer one or two questions about it. The questions test a variety of abilities involved in reasoning logically and thinking critically.

This LSAT section tests

  • Argument Dissection
  • Formulation of Assumptions
  • Strengthening/Weakening Arguments
  • Identification of Logical Flaws
  • Formulation of accurate inferences

LSAT Logic Games Details

LSAT Logic Games are tested in one 35-minute section of 22-24 questions. This section consists of four games testing logical and organizational skills, such as sequencing, matching, grouping, selection, and any combination thereof. You are asked to make deductions from a set of statements, rules, or conditions that describe relationships among entities such as persons, places, things, or events. They simulate the kinds of detailed analyses of relationships that a law student must perform in solving legal problems.

 This section tests

  • Problem Solving
  • Analysis and Deduction
  • Formal Logic

LSAT Writing Sample Details

The writing sample, which is always administered at the end of the test, is 35 minutes long. All LSAT writing samples must be in response to a given prompt. The prompts will either require you to argue in favor one of two possible choices or to analyze the logical flaws in an argument. No particular essay structure is required, but there are preferred formats. No score is assigned to the writing sample, but as the writing sample is your application cover sheet as submitted by LSAC, it is essential to write a well-planned, cohesive essay.

This section tests

  • Organization
  • Argumentative Skills
  • Argument Analysis
  • English/Grammar Usage