LSAT Self-Study Package

Manhattan Elite Prep's Self-Study package is designed to give self-motivated students the best materials to help them prepare for the LSAT. Our goal is to give students the perfect balance between study and practice. With our help and your determination, you can get the full effect of a LSAT prep course of your own design and at your own pace.

Pack: LSAT Self-Study Package

Package Cost: US$500

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The LSAT Self-Study Package includes the Following:

The Official LSAT SuperPrep

The Official LSAT SuperPrep Guidebook

This is the official guide to the LSAT, published by LSAC, the makers of the test. It contains three previous administered LSATs with full sets of answer explanations to complete your practice. This is the guide that we use for all of our LSAT classes; and it is the only LSAT guide that we recommend!

10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests

LSAT Preptests guidebook from LSAC

This is the most comprehensive and up to date collection of past LSATs. As with the Official LSAT SuperPrep, this book is put out by the Law School Admission Council. We all know the best way to prepare for an exam is to practice, and this book gives you the most material to practice with. If you have a tutor to go over questions with, that's great--but just practicing the test and mimicking testing conditions will prove to be invaluable in your LSAT preparations.

Digital Guides Collection Access

LSAT Home Study Guide (pdf): covers all LSAT Official Guide question List by Category, Topic and Tested Concepts, allowing you to easily challenge your weak areas.

2 hours of Private LSAT Tutoring

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