GMAT Books & GMAT Test-taking Tips

The scores necessary to get into top schools are increasing year by year, making quality preparation an even greater necessity. Disciplined and dedicated preparation for the GMAT will allow you to get the best score possible on the exam and get into the school of your choice.

High quality preparation is essential to achieving your best score on the GMAT. High quality preparation means becoming intimately acquainted with the test structure, format, and the types of questions that are being asked. It means improving upon your weak areas through practice and repetition. It means developing your ability to answer correctly the tougher questions. It also means becoming aware of the types of answers that tend to be the correct ones.

In terms of general GMAT taking strategies, we rec

  • Learn the most typical problems and answer types.
  • Answer all questions.
  • Guess and estimate when necessary.
  • Try your best on the initial questions.
  • Others to be discussed in class.