GMAT Test Preparation Tips

Practice makes perfect!
During your GMAT preparation, be sure to incorporate the following study skills:

• Simulate the real test setting as much as possible.
Take mock tests in a setting similar to your test center during the same time of the day.

Create a study environment that is as similar as possible to the actual testing setting, which typically includes a quiet space, possibly a computer room or office environment, or set up a serious test-taking environment in your house or a public library or a park or another facility so that you can exclusively focus on taking the mock tests.

Do not take breaks during a practice test. In the actual test center, you will not be allowed coffee breaks etc. during sections.

Eliminate distractions and be conscious of time. Especially when you taking practice tests, be as aware of the clock as you will need to be on the actual exam.

Remember that the actual exam is on the computer so take advantage of opportunities to practice with Computer Adapted Tests. For many test-takers, reading large amounts of material on the screen is not easy. It not only dries out their eyes but also makes it hard to absorb the material. Simply practice reading etc. on the computer. The only way to improve is to practice. So read long articles on your computer screen.

• Make a special effort to improve your weaknesses along with strengthening your expertise during practice.

• After completing a practice test, be sure to go over the questions you answered incorrectly.
This is the only way to improve. You must understand your mistakes so that you will not make them on the test. (Manhattan Elite Prep provides you with over 100 pages of detailed solution guides!)

• Prepare with as many CATs as possible from all sources.

• Save the free GMATPrep software from for right before the actual test and practice the tests in a mock test setting of your choice so that your memory of the actual question types and difficulty levels which have appeared in prior GMAT tests stays fresh. 

• Make a list of those typical errors you tend to make and consciously remind yourself of them and refrain from making the same mistakes.

• The day on or before your actual test, review all prior mistakes along with explanations.

• Keep a light-hearted and positive attitude on the test day.