TOEFL Books & Tips

The English texts in the TOEFL Reading section are typically collected from textbooks and course materials, while the main tested topics in the TOEFL Listening, Speaking and Writing sections include lectures and interactive classes, labs, office hours, study groups, everyday service interactions (for example, at the bookstore or registrar's office).

When Preparing For The TOEFL Exam, You Should:

  • Create a study environment that is as similar as possible to the actual testing environment. That means a quiet space, possibly a computer room or office-type environment. Force yourself to sit still for an extended period of time and focus on practicing.
  • Eliminate distractions and be conscious of time. Especially when you are taking practice tests, try to be aware of the clock to monitor your pace.
  • After completing a practice test, be sure to go over the answers you missed - it is the only way to improve.
  • Read English news websites, school websites, download school brochures, watch a few college campus-life related movies, watch news clips on, and
  • Read and listen often to the same content but focus on different types of training at each time. For example, start with understanding the gist of the text, then the meaning in detail, the construction of key phrases, tones, hidden opinions, and inter-relations between different viewpoints or facts.
  • Consult with us for best preparation and take our TOEFL classes!