TOEFL Prep Self-Study Package

Manhattan Elite Prep's Self-Study package is designed to give self-motivated students the best materials to help them prepare for the TOEFL. Our goal is to give students the perfect balance between study and practice. With our help and your determination, you can get the full effect of a TOEFL prep course of your own design and at your own pace.

Pack: TOEFL Self-Study Package

Package Cost: US$500

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The TOEFL Self-Study Package includes the Following:

Unlimited Access to 100+ Hours of Online Recording Library

Our TOEFL Recording Library is comprised of hours of recordings. It includes teaching sessions from our expert instructors. Each session has a mix of lectures and practice problems from official guides and our own teaching material. When viewing them, you can either press Pause or simply practice along with the class in the video timed by the instructor.

Make sure to search for the keyword TOEFL in the Topic. Each topic category has a different password and you are only given the password(s) to access recordings of a specific topic.

All the recordings are in the WebEx ARF format. 

If the size of the font in ARP recordings is difficult on your eyes, we recommend the following:

1) Use a big screen for best viewing

2) If you have a Mac with OSX, you can turn on the screen zoom feature. In System Preference, select Universal Access and check Zoom on -- then you use command option plus or minus to zoom in or out

3) Decrease the screen resolution from the typical 1280x800 or higher to 800x600.

TOEFL Teaching Videos

Please note that many more highly experienced instructors are located outside of your area. Their expertise and immediate availability can help you increase your score effectively based on your preferred schedule without the hassles of traveling and with the comfort of staying in the same study environment. Our students have repeatedly found online live sessions equally helpful as in-person sessions. Online sessions are conducted via our interactive online teaching platform Zoom or WebEx or Skype. All Zoom/Webex online sessions will be recorded by default and can be made available for your review upon request.

View more TOEFL Teaching Videos.

The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test

The Official Guide from ETS just went through an overhaul and is now in the Fifth Edition. Since ETS is the maker of the TOEFL exam, their book contains questions taken straight from previous TOEFL tests. The accompanying CD-ROM contains three authentic practice TOEFL tests, as well as additional speaking and listening prep tools. No TOEFL preparation is complete without this guide from the actual test-makers!

Digital Guides Collection Access

TOEFL Prep Home Study Guide (pdf): covers all TOEFL Official Guide question List by Category, Topic and Tested Concepts, allowing you to easily challenge your weak areas.

2 hours of Private TOEFL Prep Tutoring

Still have unanswered questions? Let one of our experts help you complete your studying.

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