TOEFL Test Day Tips

Next to studying all four TOEFL test prep skills (reading, listening, speaking & writing), there are other aspects of the test and what to expect on test day you should keep in mind. While the following suggestions may be somewhat alternative for test-takers, keep in mind these elements are not to be ignored when taking in mind your TOEFL test prep.

WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING: When it comes to test day, make sure you are dressed comfortably. After all, no one performs his best when wearing constricting clothing. While the TOEFL certainly tests your speaking ability, keep in mind it does not test your appearance, so wear whatever you like so long as you are comfortable sitting down for the duration of the 4-hour exam. It might be a good idea to layer, as you never know if a room will be too hot or too cold.

EAT BEFORE THE TEST: Most TOEFL exams are given in the morning or by 12 PM. Make sure you eat something filling so you won’t be distracted during the test thinking about what you’re going to eat afterwards. It might be a good idea to bring a very light snack for your ten minute break in between the listening and speaking sections. Many brain researchers say fruit is the number one food that will get your mind working – so an apple a day will not only keep a doctor away, but it might help your TOEFL score, too!

REWARD YOURSELF: After the test, make sure you do something nice for yourself. After all, you have just prepared for a very difficult exam and deserve to enjoy yourself afterwards. Treat yourself to a night out or dinner with friends – your hard work will certainly pay off!

General Test-Taking Strategies on Test Day

Certain strategies transcend simply the TOEFL exam. Some of them you have heard for years, but nevertheless it’s helpful to be reminded of the basics.

  • Read directions and follow them. If directions are not clear, click on the help button to get further clarification.
  • Don’t get flustered. Focus on each question one at a time.
  • Use your time wisely. Managing your time will give you the ability to comfortably devote time to each question.