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  • Study with our network of 500+ Elite Ivy League Teachers in person or online around the world.
  • 10+ years helping students at all levels achieve top scores in GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, LSAT and MCAT.
  • Passionate & experienced instructors who scored in the 99th percentile
  • Proven track record getting applicants into dream schools
  • Staff includes former admissions committee members at Ivy League universities and Graduate (including Business) Schools

SAT Prep Online Long Course

SAT Prep Online Course with Manhattan Elite Prep
  • Regular Price: US$975
  • Promotional Price: US$925, 14-day advance payment
  • 6 weekends or 8 weekdays (once a week), 28 hours
  • Typical Class Time: 6:30-10:00pm on Weekdays, 2-6:30pm on Weekends (Local Time)
  • Included for Free: Unlimited Class Access, Digital Guides Collection
  • Free Access to 300+ hours of Online Live Class Recordings
  • Free Admissions Consultation
  • Unlimited Support via Email, Chat & Phone (7 days a week; all messages will be returned as soon as possible within 24 hours)
  • Within 24-48 hours after your payment, you will receive an email with a questionnaire, digital course links, score improvement advice, and more so that you can start prepping for the test with us right away! Instructor bios and testimonials available upon request.
  • US$200 study with friends/refer a friend: $100 off each person

SAT Prep Course Overview

  • Mix of lectures and exercises in each session
  • ample time allotted for answering sample questions and receiving personalized attention from the instructors
  • In-depth analyses of successful strategies to arrive at correct solutions

Sample SAT Long Course Schedule

  • Math 1 of 2 – Arithmetic; Algebra I
  • Math 2 of 2 - Algebra II; Problem Solving and Data Analysis; Advanced Math
  • Verbal 1 of 2 - Reading: 1) Command of Evidence; 2) Relevant Words in Context
  • Verbal 2 of 2 - Writing Topics: 1) Expression of Ideas; 2) Standard English Conventions
  • Mock Test Review 1 of 2 - Student will take the first teacher-assigned test in advance of the session
  • Mock Test Review 2 of 2 - Student will take the second teacher-assigned test in advance of the session
SAT & ACT Prep Course with Manhattan Elite Prep

Upcoming SAT Prep Long Courses (In-Person/Online)

tuesday long Courses *

  • Jan 28-Mar 17 (2020-01-28-Long-TUE)
  • Feb 04-Mar 24 (2020-02-04-Long-TUE)
  • Feb 11-Mar 31 (2020-02-11-Long-TUE)
  • Feb 18-Apr 07 (2020-02-18-Long-TUE)
More Course Dates
  • Feb 25-Apr 14 (2020-02-25-Long-TUE)
  • Mar 03-Apr 21 (2020-03-03-Long-TUE)
  • Mar 10-Apr 28 (2020-03-10-Long-TUE)
  • Mar 17-May 05 (2020-03-17-Long-TUE)
Fewer Course Dates

wednesday long Courses *

  • Jan 29-Mar 18 (2020-01-29-Long-WED)
  • Feb 05-Mar 25 (2020-02-05-Long-WED)
  • Feb 12-Apr 01 (2020-02-12-Long-WED)
  • Feb 19-Apr 08 (2020-02-19-Long-WED)
More Course Dates
  • Feb 26-Apr 15 (2020-02-26-Long-WED)
  • Mar 04-Apr 22 (2020-03-04-Long-WED)
  • Mar 11-Apr 29 (2020-03-11-Long-WED)
  • Mar 18-May 06 (2020-03-18-Long-WED)
Fewer Course Dates

thursday long Courses *

  • Jan 30-Mar 19 (2020-01-30-Long-THURS)
  • Feb 06-Mar 26 (2020-02-06-Long-THURS)
  • Feb 13-Apr 02 (2020-02-13-Long-THURS)
  • Feb 20-Apr 09 (2020-02-20-Long-THURS)
More Course Dates
  • Feb 27-Apr 16 (2020-02-27-Long-THURS)
  • Mar 05-Apr 23 (2020-03-05-Long-THURS)
  • Mar 12-Apr 30 (2020-03-12-Long-THURS)
  • Mar 19-May 07 (2020-03-19-Long-THURS)
Fewer Course Dates

saturday long Courses *

  • Jan 25-Feb 29 (2020-01-25-Long-SATDY)
  • Feb 01-Mar 07 (2020-02-01-Long-SATDY)
  • Feb 08-Mar 14 (2020-02-08-Long-SATDY)
  • Feb 15-Mar 21 (2020-02-15-Long-SATDY)
More Course Dates
  • Feb 22-Mar 28 (2020-02-22-Long-SATDY)
  • Feb 29-Apr 04 (2020-02-29-Long-SATDY)
  • Mar 07-Apr 11 (2020-03-07-Long-SATDY)
  • Mar 14-Apr 18 (2020-03-14-Long-SATDY)
Fewer Course Dates

sunday long Courses *

  • Jan 26-Mar 01 (2020-01-26-Long-SUN)
  • Feb 02-Mar 08 (2020-02-02-Long-SUN)
  • Feb 09-Mar 15 (2020-02-09-Long-SUN)
  • Feb 16-Mar 22 (2020-02-16-Long-SUN)
More Course Dates
  • Feb 23-Mar 29 (2020-02-23-Long-SUN)
  • Mar 01-Apr 05 (2020-03-01-Long-SUN)
  • Mar 08-Apr 12 (2020-03-08-Long-SUN)
  • Mar 15-Apr 19 (2020-03-15-Long-SUN)
Fewer Course Dates

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Why - SAT Private Tutoring

  • 100% tailored to your preference of schedule, topic & difficulty level
  • Focus on specific areas of difficulty through targeted practice
  • The most limiting factor in SAT preparation is time. We will teach you in the least amount of time.
  • It takes significantly more teaching experience and techniques to prepare a student in less time.
  • Our high-quality and dedicated instructors are committed to helping every student reach her/his goals

SAT Private Courses: Added Benefits

  • Structured like a classroom course, ensuring coverage of all topics on the exam in a systematic manner
  • Highly efficient by allowing you to accomplish more in a shorter time frame and make the most out of the preparation period
  • Offers flexibility to tailor your preparation period in the most constructive manner, while integrating all the course resources including material and online access to aid in self-study

Why SAT Prep Online

  • Ideal for students located anywhere around the world
  • Best simulation of the test-taking experience in front of a computer screen
  • We utilize Live Whiteboard Teaching Technology as opposed to pre-made slide presentations, facilitating true interactive online learning.
  • REAL-TIME communication with instructor via speaking, writing and sharing a whiteboard, regardless of internet speed. This is made possible through our partnership with WebEx, the leader in online training centers.
  • Post-class review possible through on-demand high-quality recorded sessions to focus on selected topics
  • Minimal travel time with no worries about weather or traffic
  • Ease of participation anywhere you find conducive to studying
Why study SAT Online with Manhattan Elite Prep
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