What if I do not have my admission ticket?

If you do not have your Admission Ticket for your testing date, go to the test center and present an acceptable photo id. You can take the test if your name is on the roster it matches your ID. If your name does not appear on the roster, you may be able to test as a standby provided there are suitable materials, staff and time available. If the name on your ID does not match your name on the roster, then you may not be admitted to the test center. If you are permitted to test, then your scores may be rendered invalid.

What should I bring to the test center?

Your Admission Ticket Acceptable photo identification At least two No. 2 pencils and a soft eraser; no pens or mechanical pencils are permitted An acceptable calculator (for the SAT Reasoning Test or Subject Tests in Mathematics) For a Language with Listening Subject Test, an acceptable CD player with earphones A snack for break

What calculators are not permitted?

The College Board permits the use of 4-function, scientific, and graphing calculators. The following calculator types are not permitted: Laptop or a portable/handheld computer Calculator that has QWERTY (typewriter-like) keypad, uses an electrical outlet, makes noise, or has a paper tape Electronic writing pad or pen-input/stylus-driven device Pocket organizer Cell phone calculator

May I bring something to eat or drink during the test?

Yes, but you may only consume snacks during breaks; they must be stowed under your seat during testing.

What if I've missed the late registration deadline but need to take the test that day?

Follow these steps:

1. Before the test date, fill out a registration form from your school. 2. Bring the completed form with payment of all fees, including standby fees on the test date. 3. If testing on a Sunday or with a 50% time addition, then bring a copy of your clergy letter or Eligibility Approval Letter. 4. Arrive no later than 7:45 a.m.

Are there any restrictions as to which tests may be taken standby?

Yes. Standby testing is not available for: Language Tests with Listening School-based testing for students with accommodations Center-based testing for any accommodations other than 50 percent extended time

What constitutes acceptable identification?

Identification must be up-to-date, include a recent recognizable photo and your name in English. It must match the name shown on your Admission Ticket and on the roster at the test center.

Examples of acceptable identification:

State-issued driver's license State-issued non-driver ID School identification card Valid (non-expired) passport Student ID Form: Your school can prepare an ID form. This form must include a recognizable photo, and the school seal must overlap the photo. Sign the ID form in the presence of your counselor or principal. You will be asked to sign the ID form again at the test center. This form must be dated and is good for only one year. Talent Identification Program ID/Authorization to Test Form (Grades 7 and 8 only); photo not required

What if I miss the test date?

If you cannot attend a test for which you registered and want to test on a future test date, then you should call The College Board. A test date change fee will be incurred. If you do not want a future test date, then it is not necessary to contact The College Board; no scores will be sent and no refunds will be available except for additional services like the Question-and-Service and additional score reports.