What does the ACT stand for?

The ACT stands for American College Testing.

Who can take the ACT?

Anyone, regardless of age and level of education.

What does the ACT measure?

The ACT measures high school students' general educational development and their capability to complete college-level work through four multiple choice tests and an optional writing test.

How much does the ACT cost?

Without the writing component: $31.00 With the writing component: $46.00 These fees include score reports for you and your high school (if you authorize the latter) and up to four colleges. An additional fee of $9.00 per school is assessed for reports to additional colleges.

When are the ACT rest dates and registration deadlines?

Registration deadline is usually one month prior to the test dates, which are offered about 6 times a year. For exact dates, visit ACT.

What accommodations are available for the disabled?

Extended time (50% more time): Approved students are allowed up to 5 hours total to work on all four multiple-choice tests. If the optional writing section is selected as well, then the total time allotted is 5 hours and 45 minutes. Special testing: Testing at school with extended time and alternate formats for students who e.g. read only Braille, require audio assistance, electronic scribes, etc.