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Our Cultural Sensitivity course takes an analytical approach towards the problem of communicating cross culturally. We will use linguistic and sociological methods in order to understand how communication works in different cultures. This is not in order to become an expert, but to be able to observe your own behavior and the behavior of others in a more educated way, with the goal of avoiding upsetting miscommunications and to foster growth between communities.

Our Leadership Training course will begin by taking a look at major types of leadership styles based on various studies. We will then ask you to ponder for a moment and decipher your own current leadership style and then think about what other styles can be more desirable and effective for you in the future. We will analyze all the strengths and weaknesses associated with various styles and personalities. Adjusting your approach to suit your team and circumstances and goals is of utmost importance. We will also talk about various suggestions for expanding your network, improving communications, staying motivated, and effectively leading a project team.

The ability to negotiate well and to analyze decisions and decision-making and critically reflect on how decisions are made can be of crucial importance in helping your business the organization you work for become more effective. In one circumstance, a prudent and safe decision will keep a department from making a disastrous mistake. In another, a radical decision with much risk involved could benefit your company with higher returns and more exposure. The objective of our Negotiation and Decision-making course is to teach you how to analytical and quantitative tools to become a better decision maker.

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