Effective Leadership Courses & Tutoring (In-Person & Online)

To become a good leader requires both certain personality and managerial skills. Some people are fortunate to be born leaders, but how about the rest of us? We can be followers at times and perform excellent execution. Nonetheless, there are times we need to take in charge and more senior we become, more of a leadership role we need to play.

The course will begin by taking a look at major types of leadership styles based on various studies. We will then ask you to ponder for a moment and decipher your own current leadership style and then think about what other styles can be more desirable and effective for you in the future. We will analyze all the strengths and weaknesses associated with various styles and personalities.

Adjusting your approach to suit your team and circumstances and goals is of utmost importance. We will also talk about various suggestions for expanding your network, improving communications, staying motivated, and effectively leading a project team.