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Professor Jong is an experienced (20+ years) and popular Mathematics Instructor in an university. She holds a Ph.D in Mathematics from Temple University and scored in the 95th percentile on GRE Math Subject Test for the Math major students. She tutored local high school students in SAT/ACT Mathematics over 5 years. Her college teaching experience combined with tutoring experience made her understand various needs and backgrounds of her students.  She will diagnose student's specific areas of weakness quickly and will focus on strengthening them to lead student's success.

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Dr. Sam has a Ph.D. in pure mathematics, full professor of mathematics with 20 years of experience as a full-time university faculty of mathematics and also as a mathematics tutor. He is very experienced in tutoring a very broad range of mathematics courses, particularly he is a professional tutor of GMAT and GRE and SAT. He has published a book of Calculus and he been the author of 34 mathematics papers published in international journals of mathematics all around the world. He is a reviewer of the math reviews journal of the American Mathematical Society.


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Entry-level math in college is required to learning more advanced math. Algebra 1, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus 1 are the basic math classes. College-level math can be challenging if you don’t have a working understanding of Algebra and Discrete Mathematics.

We have tutors with Masters' or Ph.D.'s in Math who are eager to help you ace your homework and exams and develop an improved learning habit.

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