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Professor Jong is an experienced (20+ years) and popular Mathematics (Statistics) Instructor in an university. She holds a Ph.D in Mathematics from Temple University and scored in the 95th percentile on GRE Math Subject Test for the Math major students. She tutored local high school students in SAT/ACT Mathematics over 5 years. Her college teaching experience combined with tutoring experience made her understand various needs and backgrounds of her students.  She will diagnose student's specific areas of weakness quickly and will focus on strengthening them to lead student's success.

Featured Statistics Tutor

David W. is a professional tutor in Math, Economics, Statistics and Writing. He holds an MA and PhD in Economics (lots of math required) from Michigan State University with a distinguished fellowship and was a double major in Math and Econ, as an undergrad at Bethel Seminary. and was a double major in Math and Econ, as an undergrad. He taught at the college level and MBA students and also helped students master 6th grade-level competency in Mathematics or the type of Math required to do well in the GRE and GMAT. He came from a family of educators and like to help people learn and he cares about his students. He enjoys conversation, games, travel and vacationing in Cape Cod, MA.


List of Statistics Topics

Statistics can be daunting in college. These are common topics you need to ace.

  • Combinatorics and basic set theory notation
  • Probability definitions and properties
  • Common discrete and continuous distributions
  • Bivariate distributions
  • Conditional probability
  • Random variables, expectation, variance
  • Univariate and bivariate transformations
  • Convergence of random variables: in probability, in distribution, almost sure
  • Central Limit Theorem, Laws of Large Numbers
  • Estimation: bias, MSE, consistency, sufficiency, maximum likelihood, method of moments, UMVUE, Rao-Blackwell Theorem, Fisher Information
  • Hypothesis testing: significance level and power, Neyman-Pearson  lemma, Likelihood ratio tests
  • Confidence Intervals: definitions, duality with hypothesis tests

We have tutors with Masters' or Ph.D.'s in Math who are eager to help you ace your homework and exams and develop an improved learning habit.

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