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Arthur holds an M.A.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia (UBC). He has worked for over 8 years as a tutor and instructor teaching many high school and university level math and physics courses to 200+ students. Since 2017, when he received his impressive GRE score (perfect score in math and within 91st percentile in verbal), he has focused on teaching GMAT, GRE, and SAT to help his students get into their dream schools. His students have received admissions from numerous top 20 schools in the US. With his personalized teaching approach, he will cover both the fundamental concepts and the practical test-taking strategies by providing various examples.

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Amber graduated from Arizona State University with a Master’s in Physics with an emphasis in Astronomy. She is a very experienced teacher with over 13 years of teaching experience. She is a very patient and has a way of explaining things that makes it very easy to understand. With her many years of experience, she is sure to help you achieve you goals on your exam.


List of Physics Topics

Studying physics requires a strong background in mathematics, and students should expect to complete coursework in calculus and differential equations, for instance.

College Physics I is an introduction to mechanics. It includes motion in one and two dimensions, Newton's laws of motion and their applications, work and energy, linear momentum and collisions, rotational motion, and principles of conservation.

We have tutors with Masters' or Ph.D.'s in Physics who are eager to help you ace your homework and exams and develop an improved learning habit.


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