Cultural Sensitivity Courses & Tutoring (In-Person & Online)

Manhattan Elite Prep's cultural sensitivity training is based on the idea that as global citizens and members of the global business community, it is necessary to respect and understand cultural differences in order to foster successful and meaningful communication. We are practicing business in an age where we must interact with fellow business people who may communicate differently down to the tiniest detail. Unfortunately, these details may go unnoticed by even the most culturally aware. Therefore, it is necessary that each one of engage in some sort of study in order to recognize where we can improve our cross-cultural communication.

Our Cultural Sensitivity course takes an analytical approach towards the problem of communicating cross culturally. We will use linguistic and sociological methods in order to understand how communication works in different cultures.

This is not in order to become an expert, but to be able to observe your own behavior and the behavior of others in a more educated way, with the goal of avoiding upsetting miscommunications and to foster growth between communities.