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With a population of over 2.7 million, Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States. It is the birthplace of the skyscraper and considered the most influential architectural city of the 20th century. Positioned along Lake Michigan, Chicago is an international hub for finance, commerce, industry, technology, telecommunications, and transportation. The University of Illinois at Chicago, UIC Business Liautaud Graduate School offers varied degree program options for business students. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, is one of the most prestigious business schools in the country. Our GMAT instructors work diligently to help our students conquer the GMAT exam to gain admittance to these highly recognized business schools.

GMAT Student Review (Chicago | Illinois)

I wanted to let your GMAT team know that I am going back to Europe this fall as I am accepted to Oxford University MBA. Thanks for all the GMAT help!


MBA Admissions Student Review

For my admission essays, my consultant provided his expertise on editing and structural arrangement of ideas and helped me product finished final products. I received admissions from both my dream schools which are top tier schools. Today, as I decide to join one of them. I cannot thank Craig enough for his services. He is very experienced and uses his experience to guide user on the right track as far as the flow of the essay is concerned. Well, this is besides the excellent editing skills he has. Thanks Craig! -Eric

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Local B-School in Chicago: Booth School of Business Overview

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business has a pioneering legacy. It was the first institution to initiate a PhD program in 1920 and the first to house a minority relations program in 1964. Along with having a Nobel laureate on its faculty, it is a breeding ground for cutting edge thinkers and has housed six Nobel Prize winners.

Snapshot of Booth Business School MBA Program

Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD), a mandatory course for first-year students, helps students develop their leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. With concentrations ranging from finance to international business, each program examines both analytical and conceptual methods of thinking so that students are able to solve problems before they even arise. The program’s most notable areas of concentration are finance and accounting, and it is not uncommon for a professor to also serve as a corporate or governmental consultant.

Students who enroll in the Executive MBA Program— a track that emphasizes managerial leadership skills, will have the opportunity to live and study with faculty on either the Chicago Business School campus in London or Singapore. In addition, all other programs offer ample chances for students to travel and gain work experience in countless countries across the globe.

Regardless of past experience or area of concentration, all full-time students are required to participate in the Leadership Effectiveness & Development (LEAD) program. While participating in LEAD, students will examine ways to capitalize their strengths and recognize ways to improve their weaknesses.

The Booth School of Business has gained a reputation for its flexibility, which truly sets itself apart from other top business programs. Students get to choose from a wide variety of courses to fulfill their core curriculum. LEAD happens to be the only course that all MBA students are required to take.
Chicago Booth offers multiple enrollment options to ensure that all admits are able to take advantage of the program’s faculty and resources. Students can choose between full-time and part-time/weekend enrollment without worrying the difference in quality and spectrum of course offerings. While part-time students do not participate in LEAD or share the same grade nondisclosure agreement, their personal lives and careers benefit from the flexibility of their schedules.

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GMAT Tutoring (In-Person/Online)

  • In-Person or Online
  • Advanced Pack (10+ Hrs): US$115/hour; Includes Online Library & 5 Online Practice Tests (Computer Adaptive Tests)
  • Basic Pack (<10 hours): US$125/hour; Requires minimum purchase of 2 hours
  • Schedule: Tailored, flexible, mutual agreement with instructor

GMAT Elite Tutoring (In-Person/Online)

  • Elite Pack (2+ Hrs): US$200/hour; High Priority; Books (Official Guide For GMAT Review, Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review & GMAT Verbal Review), Five Challenging Online Practice Tests (Computer Adaptive Tests), Digital Guides Collection, GMAT Prep Online Recording Library
  • Highest priority for scheduling and service
  • Matched with tutor according to specific needs and availability
  • Multiple specialists provided who cater to individual learning styles
  • All materials from the courses included

GMAT Private Course (In-Person/Online)

  • In-Person or Online
  • Price: US$1580
  • Total Hours: 12 hours of Dedicated 1-on-1 Sessions
  • Combines the benefits of private tutoring with a top instructor who will teach with a structured outline at a pre-arranged time schedule to improve your test score effectively with less stress when compared to a classroom setting or a pay-as-you-go tutoring package
  • Schedule: Due to the fixed number of hours per course, our most sought-after teachers are more likely to work with private course students since they could pre-arrange the schedule with a tailored lesson plan by turning away other students. Meanwhile, students can learn at their own pace.
  • Total Savings of $500+!
  • Full access to books/tests, Online Recording Library & Digital Guides Collection
  • Structure: similar to a classroom course, ensuring coverage of all exam topics while offering flexibility to tailor your study in the most systematic and constructive manner


GMAT Private Course Sample Schedule

  • Math 1 of 3 - Arithmetic
  • Math 2 of 3 - Algebra Review; Word Problems; Statistics
  • Math 3 of 3 – Geometry; Probability & Combinatorics
  • Verbal 1 of 3 - Grammar Review; Sentence Correction
  • Verbal 2 of 3 - Critical Reasoning
  • Verbal 3 of 3 - Reading Comprehension; Analytical Writing Assessment




Private Tutoring and Private Course Details

GMAT Private Course Details from Manhattan Elite Prep
  • Location: Flexible, mutual agreement with instructor (Ease of participation at home or anywhere convenient)
  • Topic and difficulty level: 100% tailored to your preference (Focus on specific areas of difficulty through targeted practice)
  • No. of instructors: 1 or 2 (depending on availability & topics)
  • Mix of exercises in each session; ample time for answering questions
  • In-depth analyses of successful strategies to arrive at correct solutions
  • Structured to benefit both novice and expert test-takers
  • Personalized agendas that pay specific attention to the student's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Integrates all the course resources including books and online access to aid in self-study
  • Student Discount to Admissions Help
  • Unlimited Support via Email, Chat & Phone (7 days a week; all messages will be returned as soon as possible within 24 hours)
  • Within 24-48 hours after your payment, you will receive an email with a questionnaire, digital course links, score improvement advice, and more so that you can start prepping for the test with us right away! Instructor bios and testimonials available upon request.



Manhattan Elite Prep's Advantages

GMAT Online Course Details from Manhattan Elite Prep

Time Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness

  • The most limiting factor in GMAT preparation for people is time.
  • Our preparation is tailored for busy professionals. We will teach you what you need to know in the least amount of time.
  • It takes significantly more teaching experience and techniques to prepare a student in less time.
  • Our high-quality and dedicated instructors are committed to helping every student reach her/his goals

Register & Pay - GMAT Private Class (In-Person/Online)

Our highly effective GMAT Instructors have the expertise to help you achieve a top score on your exam!

"Manhattan Elite Prep was able to get me on track and hold me accountable for studying. My GMAT Private Tutoring instructor was prompt for each session. The staff at the headquarters was easy to work with and communicated well throughout my inquiry into the services and during the follow-up. I would recommend Manhattan Elite Prep for GMAT Private Tutoring to anyone who had studied previously and wasn't starting from scratch." (5 out of 5 Rating on Google Review)

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GMAT Online Prep Benefits

  • Best simulation of the test-taking experience in front of a computer
  • REAL-TIME communication with instructor via speaking, writing and sharing a whiteboard. This is made possible through our partnership with WebEx & Zoom, the leaders in online training centers.
  • Post-class review through high-quality recorded sessions
  • Minimal travel time with no worries about weather or traffic

GMAT Private Course Resources

  • Well-illustrated and professionally presented strategies and exclusive problems for both the Verbal Section and the Quantitative Section; Detailed solutions
  • Internally developed Quantitative and Verbal vocabulary list with detailed definitions, related words and sentence examples
  • Five Challenging Online Practice Tests (Computer Adaptive Tests)
  • Official Guide For GMAT Review, Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review & GMAT Verbal Review
  • Digital Guides Collection
  • GMAT Prep Online Recording Library
  • Math Review Handout: Rate / Speed / Distance/ Mixture; Ratio; Tables / Graphs; Geometry; Probability; Combinatorics/ Permutation (pdf)

Chicago GMAT Prep Instructor

Our Chicago GMAT Instructor is an exceptional tutor who wields an unparalleled level of expertise with teaching the GMAT and GRE. Receiving his MBA from the University of Chicago, he is ready to make good use of his invaluable experience and share the skills he used to achieve a fantastic score with the students in his classroom.

Chicago GMAT Prep Teacher & Tutor

Our Chicago GMAT Instructor is one of our GMAT tutors in Chicago with a great deal of business experience. After graduating from McMaster University, he went onto enter the prestigious Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. He scored an impressive 750 on the GMAT that put him in the 98% percentile.


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