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Los Angeles GMAT Prep Instructor Bio

Our Los Angeles GMAT instructor has found immense success in the GMAT scoring at 760. In addition to her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington, she holds a Master of Fine Arts from UCLA’s School of Film and Television and a JD from the School of Law at the University of Washington. She has taught university courses in the past and was the Program Director of a leading LSAT test-prep company for many years.

Los Angeles GMAT Teacher & Tutor Bio

Our Los Angeles GMAT instructor is a GMAT tutor with a great deal of experience teaching and tutoring multiple subjects that correlate closely with the material of the exam. He attended UCLA and double-majored in Political Science and Philosophy. His combination of experiences teaching both Quantitative and Verbal-oriented materials makes him a great asset for students looking to excel at the GMAT exam.


Recent GMAT Prep Student Success (Los Angeles | California)

My GMAT tutor, Deepen, was a perfect fit, better than I could have imagined. He was not only very familiar with the computer adaptive format, content, and test taking strategies for the GMAT but Deepen also pays attention to personal learning styles and test taking habits. I have never been a "math person” but I truly enjoyed working through the problems for the first time ever because of his enthusiasm. I highly recommend Manhattan Elite Prep and Deepen. 

-Casey M.

GMAT Prep Long Course

  • 6-8 weeks, 28 hours
  • Typical Class Time: 6:30-10:00pm on Weekdays, 2-6:30pm on Weekends
  • Included for Free: Five Challenging Online Tests, Unlimited Class Access, Digital Guides Collection
  • Free Access to 300+ hours of Online Live Class Recordings
  • Free Admissions Consultation
  • Unlimited Support via Email, Chat & Phone
  • Promotional prices available with 14-day advance payment
  • US$200 study with friends/refer a friend: $100 off each person

GMAT Prep Crash & Intensive Course

  • Crash: 1 Weekend, 16 hours, 2 sessions; Typical Class Time: 9am-1pm, 2-6pm (Sat & Sun)
  • Intensive: 1 week, 28 hours, 7 sessions; Typical Class Time: 6:30-10:00pm on Weekdays, daytime on Weekends
  • In countries where weekends typically fall on Friday & Saturday (e.g. The Middle East), courses will start on Friday
  • Included for Free: Five Challenging Online Tests, Unlimited Class Access, Free Access to 300+ hours of Online Live Class Recordings, Digital Guides Collection, Free Admissions Consultation
  • Unlimited Support via Email, Chat & Phone
  • Promotional prices available with 14-day advance payment
  • US$200 study with friends/refer a friend: $100 off each person
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    "I had a fantastic experience in my weekday evening GMAT Prep course. Not only were the class sizes small where you can get the personal attention you need, the instructor was top notch. He really wanted to make sure you learned the material and was able to explain certain concepts multiple ways. I certainly recommend taking an Manhattan Elite Prep course for your next test, you won't be disappointed!" (5 out of 5 Rating on Google+)

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    Upcoming GMAT Prep Long Courses (Unlimited Access, Books, Online Library)

    Saturday Long Courses*

    Oct 22-Nov 26 (2016-10-22-Long-SATDY)
    Oct 29-Dec 3 (2016-10-29-Long-SATDY)
    Nov 5-Dec 10 (2016-11-05-Long-SATDY)
    Nov 12-Dec 17 (2016-11-12-Long-SATDY)

    Sunday Long Courses*

    Oct 23-Nov 27 (2016-10-23-Long-SUN)
    Oct 30-Dec 4 (2016-10-30-Long-SUN)
    Nov 6-Dec 11 (2016-11-06-Long-SUN)
    Nov 13-Dec 18 (2016-11-13-Long-SUN)

    Tuesday Long Courses*

    Oct 25-Dec 13 (2016-10-25-Long-TUE)
    Nov 1-Dec 20 (2016-11-01-Long-TUE)
    Nov 8-Dec 27 (2016-11-08-Long-TUE)
    Nov 15-Jan 3 (2016-11-15-Long-TUE)

    Wednesday Long Course*

    Oct 26-Dec 14 (2016-10-26-Long-WED)
    Nov 2-Dec 21 (2016-11-02-Long-WED)
    Nov 9-Dec 28 (2016-11-09-Long-WED)
    Nov 16-Jan 4 (2016-11-16-Long-WED)

    Thursday Long Courses*

    Oct 27-Dec 15 (2016-10-27-Long-THURS)
    Nov 3-Dec 22 (2016-11-03-Long-THURS)
    Nov 10-Dec 29 (2016-11-10-Long-THURS)
    Nov 17-Jan 5 (2016-11-17-Long-THURS)


    GMAT Prep Intensive + Crash Courses (Unlimited Access, Books, Online Library)

    Intensive Courses*

    Oct 22-Oct 28 (2016-10-22-Intensive-SATDY)
    Oct 29-Nov 4 (2016-10-29-Intensive-SATDY)
    Nov 5-Nov 11 (2016-11-05-Intensive-SATDY)
    Nov 12-Nov 18 (2016-11-12-Intensive-SATDY)

    Crash Courses*

    Oct 22 & Oct 23 (2016-10-22-Crash-SATDY)
    Oct 29 & Oct 30 (2016-10-29-Crash-SATDY)
    Nov 5 & Nov 6 (2016-11-05-Crash-SATDY)
    Nov 12 & Nov 13 (2016-11-12-Crash-SATDY)


    Los Angeles - Address

    Manhattan Elite Prep - Los Angeles | California Tentative Venue

    Will and Ariel Durant Library
    7140 Sunset Blvd

    Los Angeles, CA 90046

    Tel: (323) 876-2741


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    Manhattan Elite Prep's Advantages

    GMAT Prep Time Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness

    • The most limiting factor in GMAT preparation for people is time.
    • Our preparation is tailored for busy professionals.
    • It takes significantly more teaching experience and techniques to teach you what you need to know in the least amount of time.
    • Our high-quality and dedicated instructors are committed to helping every student reach her/his goals

    GMAT Prep Class Overview

    • Mix of lectures and exercises in each class; ample time allotted for answering sample questions and receiving personalized attention from the instructors;
    • Structured to benefit both novice and expert test-takers
    • In-depth analyses of successful strategies to arrive at correct solutions

    GMAT Preparation Course Pack

    Most Value-Added GMAT Prep Course Pack

    • Our Better Score Guarantee: Unlimited Class Repeats and Advice
    • Internally developed Quantitative and Verbal vocabulary list with detailed definitions, related words and sentence examples
    • Official Guide For GMAT Review, Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review and Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review
    • Math Review Handout: Rate / Speed / Distance/ Mixture; Ratio; Tables / Graphs; Geometry; Probability; Combinatorics/ Permutation (pdf)

    GMAT Course Schedule: 8-Sessions (Long or Crash Courses)

    • Arithmetic
    • Algebra Review; Word Problems
    • Statistics; Geometry
    • Probability & Combinatorics
    • Grammar Review; Sentence Correction (ends after Agreement/Concord)
    • Sentence Correction (starts from Tense)
    • Critical Reasoning
    • Reading Comprehension; Analytical Writing Assessment; Integrated Reasoning

    GMAT Course Schedule: 6/7 Sessions (Long or Intensive Courses)

    • Reading Comprehension; Analytical Writing Assessment; Integrated Reasoning
    • Critical Reasoning
    • Grammar Review; Sentence Correction
    • Geometry; Probability & Combinatorics
    • Algebra Review; Word Problems; Statistics   
    • Arithmetic
    • Review Session (for intensive course)

    Why Us - About Manhattan Elite Prep - Our Advantages

    • 10+ years helping students at all levels achieve top scores
    • Passionate & experienced instructors who scored in the 99th percentile
    • Proven track record getting applicants into dream schools
    • Staff includes former admissions committee members at Ivy League universities and Graduate (including Business) Schools