Hamburg TOEFL Prep Teacher

Our Hamburg TOEFL instructor has been tutoring for over 15 years. He has a broad skill set based on a life of travel and inter-cultural exposure. He’s taught in 7 different countries concentrating on Business English to a wide variety of corporate clients. Our Hamburg TOEFL instructor is quick at identifying special language needs and tailoring his training to suit them. One of his passions is English pronunciation, intonation patterns and voice quality. If you’re looking to improve your English/verbal scores, then he is the tutor for you!

Munich TOEFL Prep Teacher

Our Munich TOEFL instructor has been helping many students achieve their maximum TOEFL score with a proven methodology to improve test performance and a personalized approach to each student. Her clients have been admitted at Yale, Princeton, Vanderbilt, and UC Berkeley among other top-ranking schools. She holds a B.A. in Social Anthropology from Harvard University and is working on her M.S. in Consumer Science at the Technical University of Munich.

Hong Kong TOEFL Prep Teacher

Our Hong Kong TOEFL instructor holds an MBA degree from New York University’s Stern School of Business and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/English from Rutgers University in New Jersey. When tutoring for standardized exams, he incorporates invaluable test taking strategies and techniques into his sessions that are guaranteed to help you achieve your desired score on your exam. He has taught on the University level in the US and has tutored privately to many undergrads and grad students both in NY and in Hong Kong. He also provides financial services to top tier management consulting firms not only in Asia, but worldwide, and his extensive experience allows him to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern business practices and cultures.

Jakarta TOEFL Prep Teacher

Our Jakarta Indonesia TOEFL instructor has taught test prep in United States and Indonesia. Fluent in Indonesian and English, he also has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, making him a well-rounded instructor to help student master both verbal and quantitative of various standardized tests. He took the TOEFL ibt test himself with a high score. His students have been accepted to Cornell University and University of California, among other schools. He is very patient and likes to try out new teaching methods.

Florence TOEFL Prep Teacher

Our Florence Italy TOEFL instructor earned her Bachelor’s in Law and Master’s in International Law from Mansoura University in Egypt. She also earned a Masters in Migration Laws from Bergamo University in Italy. She has been working as a tutor for the past 5 years and has experience working with students both in-person in Italy as well as with students online who are based in the UK. She’s able to adapt her lesson plans and curriculum to fit with each individual students needs and areas of strength and weakness. Our Florence Italy TOEFL instructor is sure to help you achieve a top score on your upcoming exam!

Venice TOEFL Prep Teacher

Our Venice Italy TOEFL instructor is passionate about learning. He worked for two years as faculty at a top-level liberal arts college in the U.S., founded and ran a language learning nonprofit organization, and enjoys tutoring students of all ages on subjects ranging from English to writing and standardized test preparation. Having successfully taken the Cambridge Assessment English tests himself in the past, he is regarded as an empathetic, patient, and enthusiastic tutor by his students. He also teaches corporate classes on topics like business model innovation and design thinking, and he ran a language education summer camp for 4 years.