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I am still working with my LSAT tutor Steve but so far the sessions with him have been excellent. I really like that in the private tutoring setting I am able to adjust the dates and time to best fit my schedule and that the lessons are targeted towards my individual needs. So far I am finding the sessions very beneficial to my LSAT preparation. Steve does a great job at thoroughly covering all of the LSAT exam topics and he always comes very well prepared for our sessions. I definitely feel like I am on track to achieve my target score thanks to Steve's help in our tutoring sessions.


LSAT Prep Private Course

  • 12 hours of Dedicated 1-on-1 Sessions
  • Books
  • Digital Guides Collection
  • Online Access (Courses and/or Recording Library)
  • Total Savings of $500+!

LSAT Prep Tutoring Packs

  • Advanced Pack (10+ Hrs): Includes Online Library
  • Basic Pack (<10 hours): Requires minimum purchase of 2 hours
  • Elite Pack (10+ Hrs): High Priority; Books, Digital Guides Collection, Online Access (Course and or Library, depending on availability)

Elite Tutoring Pack (In-Person & Online)

  • Highest priority for scheduling and service
  • Matched with tutor according to specific needs and availability
  • Multiple specialists provided that cater to individual learning styles
  • All materials from the courses included

LSAT Private Sessions Detailed Comparison

Long & Intensive Courses Private Tutoring Basic Pack Private Tutoring Advanced Pack Private Tutoring Elite Pack Private Course
Student Preferences 1) Classroom course & steady study pace; 2) Fixed study schedule; 3)Full access to our books/tests, online library & online classes 1) Help on specific test sections; 2) 1-on-1 instruction; 3) Further score improvement after a classroom course 1) Aim for a top score; 2) 1-on-1 instruction; 3) Comprehensive advice & full access to our online tests/online library 1) Aim for a top score with help of our elite tutors; 2) 1-on-1 instruction with highest priority in scheduling and service; 3) Full access to our books/tests, online library & online classes 1) Customized, structured & comprehensive instruction; 2) Flexible schedule; 3) Full access to our books/tests, online library & online classes
Format In-Person/Online In-Person/Online In-Person/Online In-Person/Online In-Person/Online
Hours 16-28 2-10 10+ 10+ 12
US, Asia & Online Cost (Class Discounts with 14-day Advance Payment) $1099-1650* $125/hr $115/hr $200/hr $1580 (Savings of $500+!)
EU & Int'l Cost (Class Discounts with 14-day Advance Payment) $2099-2650* $225/hr $215/hr $300/hr $2580 (Savings of $500+!)
Course Duration 1 Weekend-8 Weeks Personalized Personalized Personalized Personalized
Class Time Weekdays, 6:30-10 PM; Weekends, 9 AM-1 PM; 2-6:30 PM; All-day Personalized Personalized Personalized Personalized
1-on-1 Instruction N/A
Course Materials Sold separately Sold separately
LSAT Online Library (50+ Hours)
Digital Guides Collection √ (Basic Access) √ (Advanced Access) √ (Elite Access)
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"The essays came out really well. Your input was vital. Your encouragement and insistence led me to change one of my essays. It has been a real pleasure working with you."

- Amit

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"My LSAT private tutoring sessions with LSAT Prep instructor George are excellent! I still need a lot of work on all of the sections of the test, but I have definitely improved. George is very effective at teaching the LSAT. He knows the material very well, and explains questions thoroughly. I have enjoyed solving the test questions and seeing how I have improved since the beginning." (5 out of 5 Rating on Google+)

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Featured Instructors - LSAT Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Featured LSAT Instructor Bio

Don is a talented GMAT, GRE, SAT, LSAT and TOEFL instructor who combines his skills at standardized test-taking with his passion for education. He holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota Business School, a law certificate from Tulane University in New Orleans, and a Bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University, CT. He is a member of the Harvard-Westlake Alumni Job Board Committee. Previously he was on the Tulane University Alumni Association Board of Directors and the Central Minnesota Legal Services Board of Directors. He scored a perfect math score on the GRE (170) and has a verbal GRE score of 164. Don also scored 160 on the LSAT.

Featured LSAT Instructor Bio

Lucy worked for over 5 years as a professional tutor and instructor. Her clients have graduated from prestigious schools such as Columbia, Oxford, Harvard, and Georgetown, have worked at prestigious firms such as McKinsey, Citibank Wealth Management, Credit Suisse, and Lehman Brothers, and have gone on to MBA programs at Columbia, NYU, Harvard, University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon, Duke and Wharton. She graduated with Honors in Economics from Skidmore College. When not with LSAT clients, she works as a writer and choreographer.


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