Unlimited Class Hours

If you are a test preparation student who signed up for a full course of 16 hours or more, we would like to extend an exciting offer to you! (Please note that this offer may not be applicable to certain regions.)

You will be entitled (at no cost) to the following:

  • You can join any available sessions of a comparable in-person course or an online prep course within 60 days of the last day of your course.
  • In addition, you will receive free access to our popular Online Recording Library of past recordings of live courses.

How will it help you achieve a higher score?

  • Allows you to extend your study period with the guidance of an instructor for an additional 60 days after you take a course with us
  • Provides you with the opportunity to prepare your own questions after substantial self-study to bring them to the classroom and consult with instructors in real-time
  • Reinforces your learning through repeated but progressive instructions
  • Solidifies your knowledge by studying with two or more of our top instructors, each with years of teaching experience and consistent student acclaim. Get to know some of the star Manhattan Elite Prep instructors
  • Allows you to focus on various areas of strengths and weaknesses over an extended period with expert guidance

How does it work?

  • Applicable to any available in-person courses of the same course type as your original course or any available online courses. Examples are:
    1) Crash Course students can repeat classes for another available crash course or another online course; 2) Online course students can repeat classes for another available online course.
  • The offer starts from the last day of your original course and expires 60 days afterwards. Exceptions can be made if an additional extension is requested.
  • Seats for any given course are limited and will be made available on a first come, first serve basis. Manhattan Elite Prep will do its best to offer course alternatives.
  • Keep and bring your course books; Keep all the materials included in the course tuition and any printed and soft-version material distributed by Manhattan Elite Prep in connection with your course.
  • Non-transferable offer. All session reminders will be sent to the original registration email address.

To redeem the offer, please submit your preferred class registration.

  • To find the registration form, please visit the tab at the top such as GMAT, GRE, LSAT, SAT, TOEFL or MCAT. Then select Class or Online tab, then find your location page and submit your class registration there.
  • Note in the comment box the starting/ending dates and the names of instructors of the original course you attended with us. Please submit your registration using your original email address which you used for the first course. Then stop at the payment page.
  • We will add you to the roster automatically after we successfully verify all your original course details and registration email address.
  • You will be responsible for locating a headset or setting up your own computer properly for any online course you are interested in.
  • If you take the online course before your in-person course and you decide that the online course is sufficient to help your studies, you will not be able to receive any credit for the missed in-person course.