MCAT Reviews by Our Students

Recent MCAT Student Review (Ann Arbor | Michigan)

I took the MCAT and got a score of 33! I am more than happy!! Many thanks to Manhattan Elite Prep and special thanks to my instructor, who did a great job preparing me for the MCAT!


Recent MCAT Student Review (Chicago | Illinois)

I like how we go through a question thoroughly and the instructor explains it so that everybody understands it. The instructor was able to pinpoint my weaknesses. Through this course, I know all of my faults and how to improve them.


Recent MCAT Student Success (New York | Manhattan | NYC)

"Overall I would rate my MCAT preparation experience with Manhattan Elite Prep as excellent. I thought my tutor Myron was an excellent tutor, he was very helpful with my questions. He was always prepared and ready to help me. All topics and material were well-covered. The course material included was great, as well as the administrative support. I was very impressed with Myron's teaching ability, preparedness, expertise, his responsiveness to my questions and his accuracy. What made me choose Manhattan Elite Prep over their competitors were their prices."
Tolga G.

Recent MCAT Student Review (Tampa | Florida)

Hello Paul!

Thank you so much for everything. I received a score of 513 - 89th percentile on the MCAT! I appreciate all that you taught me and I definitely used your general strategies in my approach to the whole test which came in handy especially when I felt frazzled.

The breakdown of my score: I got 126 - 66th percentile for the Chem/Phys section 128 - 89th percentile for CARS, 130 - 96th percentile for Bio, and 129 - 90th percentile for Psyc/Soc. Thank you!

-Maame B.

Recent MCAT Student Review (Portland | Oregon)

I thought Myron was an excellent tutor, he was helpful with my questions. He was always prepared and ready to help me with my MCAT prep.


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