LSAT Reviews by Our Students: Global Locations

LSAT Student Review (Melbourne | Australia)

Thanks for all your help and the excellent classes. I scored 12 points higher than last time. I am very happy!


LSAT Student Review (Sydney | Australia)

Hi Karen! Just wanted to let you know that I got a 167 on the July LSAT. Could not have done it without your help. Taking it again in October, for good measure. Thank you!!

-Jessie R.

LSAT Student Review (Calgary | Canada)

Joel D. was my LSAT tutor and he helped me to increase my score by over 20 points. Would recommend him again no question. If you're in Calgary you should take him 10 times out of 10.

-Jordan L.

LSAT Student Review (Edmonton | Canada)

My LSAT private tutoring sessions were excellent! My tutor Karen was a caring instructor that put energy into making my experience as productive as possible. I was able to begin my studies in a structured way that helped me achieve my LSAT prep goals. Karen surpassed my expectations. She was a pleasure to work with and the administrative staff was always making sure that I had an abundance of information.

-Chris W.

LSAT Student Review (Montreal | Canada)

My LSAT private tutoring sessions with Karen were excellent! She was very helpful. Everyone at Manhattan Elite Prep was great. They always responded to my emails and questions in a timely manner. Karen did a great jot at covering all of the LSAT exam topics during our sessions together. She was a great tutor who always came well prepared to our sessions. I would definitely recommend Karen and Manhattan Elite Prep to anyone preparing for the LSAT exam. Thank you!

-Felicia A.

LSAT Student Review (Ottawa | Canada)

My LSAT tutor Karen is fantastic! She was able to adapt the teaching style to my liking. I feel that I understand the concepts more than I did before. Overall my LSAT tutoring with Karen and my experience with Manhattan Elite Prep has been excellent! During our time together Karen did a great job at covering all of the LSAT exam topics that I needed to review before my exam. She really knows her stuff! If you need help with your LSAT exam definitely ask for Karen.

-Samuel M.

LSAT Student Review (Vancouver | Canada)

My LSAT tutor Karen is a fantastic instructor. She is very knowledgeable and patient with me, explaining everything in detail. I really enjoyed her teaching style. I was never a fan of tutoring growing up by I was really engaged during our sessions and learned a lot. Karen did a great job at covering all of the LSAT exam topics during our sessions together. She was always well prepared and overall just did an excellent job tutoring me for my upcoming LSAT exam. Thank you Karen!

-Jessica K.

LSAT Student Review (Winnipeg | Canada)

The service was excellent overall. Debbie was a great LSAT tutor, she really knew her stuff and explained things until they made sense for me. All the correspondence with Debbie and the company was very professional, and Debbie was always prepared with the materials for the tutoring session. Highly recommend Debbie! All topics were well-covered.

-Lindsey J.

LSAT Student Review (Copenhagen | Denmark)

My online LSAT private tutoring sessions with George are excellent! I still need a lot of work on all sections of the test, but I have definitely improved. George is very effective at teaching the LSAT. He knows the material very well, and explains questions thoroughly. I have enjoyed solving the test questions and seeing how I have improved since the beginning.


LSAT Student Review (Munich | Germany)

My LSAT tutor Karen was a wonderful, patient and very knowledgeable instructor. She was always prepared and explained all the material very well. I would recommend Karen for LSAT tutoring. She will help you achieve your goals.

-Jessica B.

LSAT Student Review (Hong Kong)

Kara is very smart and good at teaching exam skills. I consider this learning process really beneficial.


LSAT Student Review (Dublin | Ireland)

Jack is the best tutor I've had; he evaluated where I was struggling in the subject, personalized his instruction to fit my needs, encouraged me throughout the process, and gave me tons of great advice not just on the test but on the law school admissions process in general. Jack's personalized lesson plans, mastery of subject material, ample practice problems, helpful descriptions, and encouragement were exactly what I needed in a tutor, and I would not hesitate to ask him to tutor me again.


LSAT Student Review (Milan | Italy)

My online LSAT private tutoring sessions with Karen were excellent! She is a great instructor who really knows a lot about the LSAT exam. She always came very well prepared to our sessions. Karen gave a refreshing new approach that was helpful in a very short amount of time. She made sure to use our limited time wisely and cover everything I needed to go over before I took my LSAT exam. I chose Manhattan Elite Prep for their instructors and they did not disappoint. I only have high praise for Karen.

-Emilio G.

LSAT Student Review (Kuwait)

I took private LSAT tutoring lessons with Lindsay and I found him to be an excellent instructor! He really guided me through studying for the LSAT. The material was great, and all of it was well covered. My instructor was very knowledgable on the subject, he was also very approachable and responsive to my questions, and his teaching ability was excellent. I also was impressed with the quality of their administrative support. I chose Manhattan Elite Prep over their competitors because of their reputation. 


LSAT Student Review (Amsterdam | Netherlands)

I am still working with my LSAT tutor Steve but so far the sessions with him have been excellent. I really like that in the private tutoring setting I am able to adjust the dates and time to best fit my schedule and that the lessons are targeted towards my individual needs. So far I am finding the sessions very beneficial to my LSAT preparation. Steve does a great job at thoroughly covering all of the LSAT exam topics and he always comes very well prepared for our sessions. I definitely feel like I am on track to achieve my target score thanks to Steve's help in our tutoring sessions.


LSAT Student Review (Doha | Qatar)

Everything with Moe has gone incredibly well! No complaints at all. He's a great LSAT tutor.


LSAT Student Review (Dhahran | Saudi Arabia)

I have yet to take the LSAT exam, but I feel I am more prepared for the exam after working with your LSAT tutor online. Thanks!


LSAT Student Review (Riyadh | Saudi Arabia)

My LSAT tutor Scott and I went through all the types of sections for the LSAT and specifically focused on the question types I struggled with. He explained my mistakes to me well and gave me tips for selecting answers, how to skip harder questions and other advice to help prepare me for my upcoming LSAT exam. Overall I would rate my LSAT tutoring sessions with Scott as a 5 out of 5 or excellent!


LSAT Student Review (Madrid | Spain)

My LSAT tutoring sessions with Kara were excellent. All of the topics were well covered and she did a great job at challenging me in our sessions to help me improve my LSAT score. Kara was very helpful and understanding and always came very well prepared to our sessions.


LSAT Student Review (Bern | Switzerland)

The Manhattan Elite Prep staff an my LSAT instructor Kara were wonderful. Kara's method for LSAT tutoring was brilliant. It was fine tuned to fit my individual needs which was great! All of the LSAT topics were well covered and overall my LSAT prep sessions were excellent.


LSAT Student Review (Geneva | Switzerland)

Lindsay is a great teacher, he helped me improve my skills in Logical Reasoning. All of the course topics and material were well covered, and enough time was devoted to reach section of the LSAT. My tutor was a good speaker and very easy to understand. I ended up choosing Manhattan Elite Prep over their competitors based on their rigorous course curriculum.


LSAT Student Review (Lausanne | Switzerland)

I highly recommend Tasha to future LSAT test takers as she has a true understanding of the LSAT. She was able to answer and address all questions swiftly (even from materials she did not prepare for). Tasha was also flexible with our appointments, something I really appreciated as working in a law firm made it near impossible to keep a regular schedule.


LSAT Student Review (St. Gallen | Switzerland)

I have yet to receive my official LSAT scores, but my last few practice tests were significant improvements upon my first few. My LSAT tutor Jordan was very supportive and, more importantly, always available and flexible scheduling-wise. The online database of tests were quite instrumental in my LSAT practice. Jordan did a great job at covering all of the LSAT exam topics. Overall he was an amazing tutor. Thanks!


LSAT Student Review (Abu Dhabi | UAE)

I just wanted to update you guys that I improved my LSAT points from 34 to 44 and moved up by 5 points! Thanks so much for the help!


LSAT Student Review (Dubai | UAE)

On a scale of 1-5 I would have to rate my experience with my instructor a 5. After the first session, I felt confident that I would perform better on the LSAT than I did the last time. I had a total of 6 sessions at 2 hours each. There was no issue scheduling the sessions. We met a either 1 or 1:30 every Thursday. My instructor was very prepared. He suggested videos to watch every week. He also had specific questions prepared in advance for me to practice each session. I never felt lost or bored. He taught me very useful techniques that I hadn't even thought of in the past. 


LSAT Student Review (London | UK)

What I had enjoyed most was Joel’s attention to detail. The administrative staff and the instructor had been very helpful and on the ball. All topics were well covered. My instructors teaching ability was excellent. My instructor’s expertise was excellent as well.

-Jordan L.