GMAT Reviews by Our Students: Global Locations

GMAT Student Review (Buenos Aires | Argentina)

I received my official GMAT score yesterday. I scored 650! Moreover, given the limited amount of time I had to prepare for the test I'm happy with my result. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of your GMAT course and without the excellent preparation material I was given during and after the course. Thanks!


GMAT Student Review (Brisbane | Australia)

I have to say that I enjoyed the GMAT course a lot and Chris as a teacher certainly is a good choice. I'm now a lot more confident and know that I will score high enough to get to the school of my "dreams" as one may say. Thanks for all of your help!


GMAT Student Review (Melbourne | Australia)

So far I've had one session with Lindsay, and I am incredibly impressed. I am sure that by working with him, I will be able to achieve my goals, and feel satisfied with my performance on the exam. Thank you for your help!


GMAT Student Review (Melbourne | Australia)

My GMAT instructor Lindsay was excellent! He understood my weakness of perceptiveness and taught me how to read questions and understand them on a simpler level. Sooooo helpful. The administrative staff was helpful. I had a very short time to prepare (10 days) and an unusual test. They organized everything quickly and catered directly to my needs. I passed the Cranfield Entrance exam and got into the MBA. Everything was just excellent! Thanks so much for the speed you got me up to scratch.


GMAT Student Review (Perth | Australia)

I am very pleased to report back that thanks to the Better Score Guarantee and the helpful Manhattan Elite Prep staff, I was able to retake the GMAT and improve my score by 60 points, from 620 to 680. I am extremely grateful for all of your assistance along the way and am looking forward to taking advantage of some of your career and admissions consulting services as I apply to schools. I will surely recommend Manhattan Elite Prep to friends and colleagues who plan to sit for the GMAT in the future.


GMAT Student Review (Sydney | Australia)

I have just completed the tutoring sessions with Angus yesterday. The sessions had a good overall structure, pace and content. In addition, Angus was well prepared with the tailored practice questions and advice on examination techniques. He had a good teaching attitude. The sessions were very helpful to my exam preparation.


GMAT Student Review (Sydney | Australia)

After my online private course with Stuart my exam score had improved by 130 points. I achieved a 27 on the Verbal section, 47 on the Quantitative section and an overall score of 610. My new score is perfect for my school application so thank you again.


GMAT Student Review (Graz | Austria)

Sree is a really good GMAT tutor in terms of motivation, and he knows his material. Thanks!


GMAT Student Review (Graz | Austria)

My course was effective, and well run. The facility and instructor were both excellent. George took his time and answered all questions thoughtfully. All of the course topics were well-covered. I would absolutely recommend the course to others.


GMAT Student Review (Innsbruck | Austria)

I would certainly recommend Manhattan Elite Prep to my friends. Especially my tutor Marc who was absolutely worth the money. He was so helpful, patient, clear and structured; it was a pleasure to work with him. All of the GMAT topics were well covered and working on the GMAT and the tutoring sessions with Marc helped me identify my goals which I am in the process of achieving.


GMAT Student Review (Innsbruck | Austria)

Daniel is a great GMAT Math tutor. He is also very kind and helpful.


Excellent GMAT course! Great GMAT instructor! I really liked the live online teaching.


GMAT Student Review (Linz | Austria)

My GMAT tutor Lucy is really friendly and really talented. She explains and breaks down the topics in a manner that will help you to complete the answer in a faster amount of time. I would tell others that if they sign up for GMAT private tutoring they should ask to study with Lucy.


GMAT Student Review (Linz | Austria)

The sessions were good. I learned a lot. Dan was very knowledgeable and was always ready with an answer no matter how difficult the questions. He was also very familiar with the types of questions that appear on the GMAT exam, and was able to teach me the quickest ways to solve problems, which helps a lot for the exam. Dan was very clear with his explanations and was happy to provide alternative explanations when I was confused.

-Wei L.

GMAT Student Review (Vienna | Austria)

Stephen was very good at helping you as an individual and letting us know what to focus on. He gave tons of GMAT homework which I appreciated because we got a ton of practice.


GMAT Student Review (Antwerp | Belgium)

Overall I would rate my GMAT preparation experience with Manhattan Elite Prep as excellent! My GMAT goals have been achieved, my tutoring sessions were altered to my learning style, and my tutor Gennady was very effective at teaching me the frameworks, and making sure that my questions were answered. All topics and material were well-covered. The course material and the administrative support were also excellent. I was impressed with Gennady's teaching ability, preparedness, his knowledge of the subjects, his responsiveness to my questions and his accuracy. What made me choose Manhattan Elite Prep over their competitors was their course schedule.


GMAT Student Review (Antwerp | Belgium)

The course was very helpful in my preparations for the GMAT and enabled me to reach my target score. Russell is a great teacher and made learning for the GMAT a lot of fun. He was always well prepared and adapted the lesson's focus to my strengths and weaknesses. His lessons made revision much easier and a lot of fun. Russell's sessions were always perfectly organized and prepared, thus helping me to learn a lot in a short amount of time. Explanations were very helpful for a better understanding of content and test structure. Russell provided me with much additional tips and practice material. The structured setup of the GMAT and how to tackle it were clearly advised in my sessions with Russell. The content was flexibly structured and always focused on any topics I was concerned with. Russell also did a great job at illustrating the GMAT exam material with many helpful examples. My sessions with Russell were individually adapted to my strengths and weaknesses thus progress was quickly and effectively achieved.

-Sophie v H.

GMAT Student Review (Brussels | Belgium)

My goal was to learn better strategies for the best possible result on my GMAT. After completing a total of six sessions for 2 hours each, I can say that I learned many different strategies, which I can apply to the GMAT exam. My instructor, Marc, did a great job at covering all of the GMAT topics and was good at facilitating discussing during my GMAT tutoring sessions.


GMAT Student Review (Ghent | Belgium)

So far my online GMAT tutoring sessions have been very productive and helpful. Marc has been teaching me some very good tips how to approach and solve math problems as well as verbal questions. I have improved a lot in math and I am sure that with my consistent study an appropriate guidance and material provided by March and Manhattan Elite Prep I will improve my verbal score as well. Looking forward to our last session and I am sorry it's almost over. Thank you again for everything. You have been very helpful.


GMAT Student Review (Ghent | Belgium)

Dear Calvin,

Thank you so much for the classes over August and September! I took the GMAT exam last week and managed to achieve my target score of 720! My math score was pretty average, however it would have been a lot worse without the classes with you. Thanks to you, I am now able to apply with confidence for a few of the better MBA programs. I really appreciate your time and patience in answering my various questions (no matter how difficult some of them might be). You were also always genuine and ready to help even if it meant extending our class time. The questions that you specially prepared for each class were also very helpful in giving me a comprehensive understanding of each topic. A HUGE thank you once again, and do keep in touch!

-Wei L.

GMAT Student Review (Rio de Janeiro | Brazil)

Thanks for all your help and the excellent weekend classes. I scored 80 points higher on my GMAT than last time. I am very happy!


GMAT Student Review (Sofia | Bulgaria)

Bill put in a lot of outside hours preparing for class and answering questions throughout the week. He really tried his hardest to help us reach our GMAT goals. I really really appreciated how dedicated he was to helping us with our GMAT prep. Thanks Bill!


GMAT Student Review (Calgary | Canada)

I only had 2 hrs of GMAT tutoring but it was useful! I chose Manhattan Elite Prep because of their GMAT instructors and I'm happy I did. My GMAT tutoring was very good for me!


GMAT Student Review (Calgary | Canada)

Overall Eran was a good tutor, he was most definitely sharp and knew his material. I was able to learn some crucial, gmat specific, tricks in order to get my time per question down. Eran was also very professional and always showed up on time. The only feedback I would give him is that some students (myself in this case) may learn more efficiently trying out the new tricks under his supervision rather than just watching him do it. It is just the difference of visual vs tactical learners and I definitely the latter.


GMAT Student Review (Sao Paulo | Brazil)

I took the GMAT and scored 730! I never expected such a great result, because I did not have much time to practice (approx. 1 week). The GMAT prep course I took with Steve helped a lot to achieve my GMAT score. Thanks Steve for the great course!


GMAT Student Review (Edmonton | Canada)

Everything is going great, Josh has been very helpful with my GMAT preparation. We have three sessions left and I have learned a lot so far. Thanks!


GMAT Student Review (Montreal | Canada)

I would rate both this GMAT course and the instructor as excellent, a 5 out of 5. All topics and material were well-covered. The course material was great and so was your administrative support! I would rate my instructor in each area as follows: Clarity: 5 (excellent); Speaking Volume: 5 (excellent); Teaching Ability: 5 (excellent); Preparedness and knowledge of subjects: 5 (excellent). I chose Manhattan Elite Prep over your competitors based on your location.


GMAT Student Review (Ottawa | Canada)

My GMAT tutor Galen was very good at explaining the examples in the book. He also provided his own material to explain the concepts as well.


GMAT Student Review (Vancouver | Canada)

Stuart was a fine and wonderful GMAT instructor. Thanks!


GMAT Student Review (Winnipeg | Canada)

Ian was a great GMAT tutor! He answered any an all questions I and for him about the GMAT test and specific problems. I chose Manhattan Elite Prep for the great instructors and I was not disappointed!


GMAT Student Review (Toronto | Canada)

I took my GMAT and, as promised, am now reporting my GMAT score to you. I got a 770. I got a 47 on Verbal, which was 99th Percentile, and a 49 on Math (90th Percentile). Overall my score was in the 99th Percentile. I am, to say the least, a very happy camper. Tahnks for all of your help! Thanks for all of your help!


GMAT Student Review (Prague | Czech Republic)

James was very knowledgable and he always encouraged me along the way. He is gifted at motivating and made me want to excel at the GMAT. Overall, James was a fantastic tutor!


GMAT Student Review (Prague | Czech Republic)

The sessions were great! Calvin was always ready to help with my questions whether during or outside of class time. I liked that Calvin always responded quickly to my e-mails, whether to answer my questions or to inform me of his schedule so that we could arrange our lasses. He was also very easy-going and did not adopt a top-down approach which would have been intimidating to many students. He was always helpful and patient in providing answers, even though some of my questions were difficult to be answered on-the-spot. He was prepared even beyond my expectations. I would inform him about the topics that I would like to go through for the next class, and even if the next class was merely a few days away, he would nonetheless come prepared, adapting to my needs with multiple questions ranging in difficulty levels, to ensure that I would get the best understanding of the topic. He adapted well to my pace and was even happy to continue providing advice after our class time had ended. I did feel a little confused over the more complicated concepts. Nonetheless, he tried his best to explain those concepts to me. He always made sure to answer my questions no matter how difficult they were. I feel that if not for the classes my GMAT score would have been lower by about 20 points.

-Wei L.

GMAT Student Review (Toronto | Canada)

My GMAT private tutoring with George was excellent! We reviewed math that I had forgotten over the years. It was helpful. George taught me the tricks on how to break down problems to make them less difficult than they appear to be. I enjoyed that George would make the problems easier for me to understand. He did a great job at covering all of the GMAT exam topics in detail and overall was a great instructor!

-Jessica B.

GMAT Student Review (Aarhus | Denmark)

I took my GMAT test last week and scored a 760. I made it into the 99th percentile, so I'm pretty happy! Thanks of much for all your tutoring and patience. It was definitely most valuable.


GMAT Student Review (Aarhus | Denmark)

Hello Paul! I just wanted to give you a quick update on my first practice exam. I got a 580 but I didn't put a full effort on my verbal. The highlight was that with my first practice exam my quant score was 42! Before we started I was around 32 more or less. I just wanted to thank you again for your help. I can already see that it's helping me tremendously.

-Sebastian S. (Sebastian has already improved 100 points in his Quantitative score!)

GMAT Student Review (Copenhagen | Denmark)

Jeff was enthusiastic and made things clear and related things to real life. The GMAT course was very helpful! I don’t think I would’ve improved my GMAT reading skills without it. This GMAT course also gave me strategies to break down a reading. I got a feel for the GMAT and was able to practice in areas I struggled in.


GMAT Student Review (Copenhagen | Denmark)

Claire did an amazing job of teaching me the concepts for the GMAT Verbal section. Her prepared material is an excellent resource and I will continue to use it for my studies. She helped not only with concepts, but also with test taking strategies that I feel will help me for the exam. I don't have any suggestions for improvement. Claire was awesome! 


GMAT Student Review (Copenhagen | Denmark)

Vinh was my tutor for my GMAT exam. He perfectly prepared me for the Verbal and Math part of the GMAT, so that I was able to pass the test with my elected score. He explained everything from the beginning to the end and made up good examples to visualize and memorize it. Also the meeting were very pleasant and it was easy to schedule with him. Thank you!

-Philip S.

GMAT Student Review (Odense | Denmark)

I took one of Craig's online GMAT sessions to make up for an in-person GMAT session that I missed. I liked that Craig makes you participate and work through the problems out loud. I also appreciate that he points out ways to save time and doesn't ask you to memorize all sorts of equations.


GMAT Student Review (Odense | Denmark)

I prepared for the GMAT with Vinh, specifically in Verbal and Geometry. Vinh explained everything clearly with many examples. He also provided me with helpful strategies and tricks to tackle different kinds of questions.

-Andrey C.

GMAT Student Review (Helsinki | Finland)

Somdeep is absolutely excellent. He covered all the GMAT topics and material for the course exceptionally well and was always very clear in his speaking and instructions and always attentive to my needs.


GMAT Student Review (Tampere | Finland)

Steve is an excellent GMAT instructor. He is clear, prepared, and always accurate. He facilitates our discussions well and his teaching ability is spectacular. I am fortunate to have benefitted from his knowledge of the GMAT exam.


GMAT Student Review (Lyon | France)

My online GMAT Tutor, Kara, was excellent. My goal was achieved and she was helpful and thorough. Kara is a great online tutor and she always came prepared for our GMAT tutoring sessions. She covered all of the topics in detail and did a great job of facilitating the discussing during our online GMAT tutoring sessions.


GMAT Student Review (Lyon | France)

Michele was my tutor for GMAT. We hadn't had too many sessions, but thanks to her I managed to get an excellent score. While Michele is an open and friendly person, she is an honest, strict, and demanding tutor, and these are the qualities that you expect to see in a good tutor who can actually motivate you to study. Even if I had troubles with something obvious, she never made me feel like my questions were silly. She always explained everything very thoroughly and made sure that I understood the material. Before and after the test, Michele gave me some really good advice about the test and about my plans for the future. Overall, I am very thankful I studied with such a wonderful tutor!


GMAT Student Review (Marseille | France)

I would rate this course as excellent (5 out of 5). The material was very well covered and my tutor, Conrad, was very helpful and knowledgable about the GMAT. I am glad to have learned from him.


Paris GMAT Student Review

I first chose Manhattan Elite Prep over their competitors based on their price. My instructor John was excellent, I'd rate his a 5 out of 5 overall! All of the material and topics were well covered, and the material provided by Manhattan Elite Prep was of a very high quality. John came to every session extremely well prepared and he was very knowledgable on the GMAT as a whole. He was easy to understand and always gave me accurate information. I definitely found my sessions with John to have been effective in helping me prepare for the GMAT.


GMAT Student Review (Berlin | Germany)

I give my GMAT course with Manhattan Elite Prep a 5 out of 5 rating! All topics and material were well-covered. The course material, your administrative support and my instructor Lucy were excellent. Lucy was always well prepared and tutored at a perfect pace, spoke clearly, explained all concepts clearly and was very responsive to all of our questions. I chose Manhattan Elite Prep over their competitors due to their convenient location.


GMAT Student Review (Berlin | Germany)

My GMAT private tutoring sessions with Russell were excellent. He helped me achieve my GMAT prep goals and figured out the areas I need help with and explained them to me intensively. He also went through everything that I might not know and helped me immensely in every area covered by the GMAT. I enjoyed that I always knew that Russell was doing exactly what he needed to help me study and understand. Everyone at Manhattan Elite Prep always gave me the feeling that they wanted me to get the most out of the service I signed up for. I had the feeling that this was all about my benefit.


GMAT Student Review (Cologne | Germany)

I wanted to build on an established base with the quant section of the exam. My GMAT tutor Michelle helped me with breaking down problems that have common themes on the test as well as the not so common ones. I think that without her training I definitely wouldn't be where I am today and I think working with her will help me immensely with the test. The confidence that Michelle gave me by working through these problems and finding easier ways to solve them than what the OG has to offer. We used many of the same fundamental rules explained in the books but there were also many different occasions where she showed me simpler steps that will make the quant section easier come test day. Overall I had a very good experience with Manhattan Elite Prep’s staff as well as their tutor from start to finish. I would definitely recommend it to anybody looking to get an edge on the GMAT or GRE.

-Derek V.

GMAT Student Review (Cologne | Germany)

My GMAT tutor Stephen was very effective with time management and pacing questions. Overall, he was an excellent instructor and I am happy with my results.


GMAT Student Review (Dresden | Germany)

Craig is the best! He is for sure an excellent GMAT tutor (5 out of 5). He is consistently clear, prepared, and knowledgable.Thanks!


GMAT Student Review (Dresden | Germany)

I am very grateful to be set up with Hardik for my GMAT preparation. With his help I reached an unofficial score of 640 on the 8th of January. We met last Sunday, the 6th of January, for our final session. Thank you very much!

-Ramona T.

GMAT Student Review (Dusseldorf | Germany)

My tutoring with Stuart went very well, we completed 8 hours and covered a variety of topics. Stuart was very helpful, straightforward and honest, and very flexible and accommodating given my tight timeline. We came up with a plan in the beginning on what to work on and I was also assigned homework for in between sessions. All topics were clearly explained and if they weren't the first time, then Stuart did a good job to rephrase. I never felt confused, lost or bored during my sessions. Stuart was able to address my individual questions and concerns and if I had a question he could not answer he provided the right resources where those answers could be found. I definitely feel that my GMAT skills have improved and I think that the practice and strategies provided by Stuart along the way have been a great help.


GMAT Student Review (Frankfurt | Germany)

Overall I would rate my GMAT course with Manhattan Elite Prep and my instructor Steve as excellent. Steve was very helpful and all topics and material were well-covered. The course material and your administrative support were also outstanding. What made me choose Manhattan Elite Prep over their competitors was their prices. I was very impressed with Steve's teaching ability, preparedness, knowledge of subjects, responsiveness to my questions, and his accuracy. I would give Steve a 5 out of 5 in all of those areas!


GMAT Student Review (Hamburg | Germany)

Overall I would rate my GMAT preparation experience with Manhattan Elite Prep as very good. My tutor Fredric was processional, loyal and competent. All topics and material were well-covered. The course material was great and the administrative support was excellent. I was impressed with Fredric's teaching ability, preparedness, his knowledge of the subjects, his responsiveness to my questions and his accuracy. What made me choose Manhattan Elite Prep over their competitors was the quality of their instructors.


GMAT Student Review (Heidelberg | Germany)

I'd like to give feedback about the GMAT course. Nathaniel did a great job helping me with my GMAT studies. He's really committed, and had the ability to see what my gaps were and what were the areas that I had potential to improve. Thanks for providing me with an awesome instructor.


GMAT Student Review (Heidelberg | Germany)

I had Vinh as a GMAT tutor. He is very patient, friendly and explains even the smallest steps. He was always eager to explain the topics to me in an understandable way. He was also very cooperative about our appointments.

-Laura E.

GMAT Student Review (Leipzig | Germany)

This was my first time taking the GMAT exam. I would recommend Manhattan Elite Prep to anyone looking to improve their GMAT score. Nothing can compare to the one-on-one attention that a private tutor can give a student. Having a private tutor was extremely helpful in preparing for the GMAT exam. My tutor was alb dot answer all my questions. I feel comfortable with the material and have been able to improve on my areas of weakness. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their score!


GMAT Student Review (Leipzig | Germany)

So far, the sessions are going well. Gerry comes well prepared with notes, tricks, and shortcuts.We meet for 2 hours and the time flies by because I am learning so much. I like Gerry's teaching style. He simplifies concepts enough that they are easy-to-grasp, but he makes sure to speak me to like I'm an educated adult. He is very helpful-answers any questions I have regarding homework. He also is very clear about what the test is like (test center/test process/test timing/etc). He is prepared and assigned additional prep work that hammers home the concepts I learn in-session. The pace is perfect for me-I'm balancing full-time school and GMAT prep. His Quant tricks and concepts are great. Whenever I had a question, he was willing and polite about answering. Overall, I'm very pleased with my tutor Gerry and Manhattan Elite Prep GMAT. Gerry is very knowledgeable and knows all the tips and shortcuts for the GMAT Quant and Verbal. I would describe Manhattan Elite Prep as a professional, effective and worthwhile investment. I have enjoyed the MEP online resources and practice tests. Gerry is a great personal tutor.

-Claire T.

GMAT Student Review (Munich | Germany)

Hey Neli, I took the test today and sending you the score means I am not disappointed - 700!! Thanks again! I never imagined I could really do it!


GMAT Student Review (Munich | Germany)

The administrative staff was helpful, offered an alternative to the in-person class for a good price. I felt that Vincent did his very best to cover all the important topics and my goal was achieved. All topics were well-covered. The quality of included materials was excellent. The teaching/advising ability was excellent as well.


GMAT Student Review (Stuttgart | Germany)

Don was very knowledgable about the GMAT topics covered in Class. He is a gifted instructor and he was always very clear and helped me understand the material well. His teaching ability was fantastic and he was consistently prepared. Thanks!


GMAT Student Review (Stuttgart | Germany)

My GMAT private tutoring sessions with Russell went very well! They were productive and well-planned. He was very helpful, especially in focusing on the sections I needed to improve on. He was always prepared and had every minute of the sessions planned out. He was very patient with me and tried to adjust to my learning style and needs. Russell did a good job trying to find examples in topics I struggled with. He did a great job addressing all my concerns and comments. The lessons were well-organized and planned out thoroughly. I enjoyed the worksheets and examples that Russell brought into our sessions. He was very patient and seemed to know the material inside and out. He was also very open to answering questions I brought into the lessons. He focused on areas I had most trouble with and made sure I mastered those sections before taking my exam.

-Sharon D.

GMAT Student Review (Athens | Greece)

I scored a 720 on my GMAT with a 44 in both Quant and Verbal. Thanks for all your advice Arthur - I'm a very happy guy now!


GMAT Student Review (Athens | Greece)

My GMAT instructor Lindsay is highly professional and a great tutor. I did not realize it at the time but his methods helped me improve greatly and he's an impeccable tutor. I learned a lot more than I realized during my sessions which was great. Lindsay did a great job at covering all of the GMAT exam topics in our sessions. Overall I really enjoyed working with Lindsay.

-Sarah B.

GMAT Student Review (Hong Kong)

Manhattan Elite Prep is great because it offers a flexible GMAT tutoring service. The GMAT course was excellent as was my GMAT instructor Marc. All the topics were well covered and Marc was very knowledgeable.


GMAT Student Review (Budapest | Hungary)

I was able to enhance my results with your help and I scored a 640 on my GMAT exam. Thank you very much again! I am happy with the result and it is high enough to apply to the universities I want to go to.


GMAT Student Review (Jakarta | Indonesia)

I found Marc B. to be an excellent GMAT instructor. He addressed my specific needs and was very flexible with his time. He had pertinent advice for me with regards to both the exam and the application process. He is a very personable, friendly, and effective teacher.


GMAT Student Review (Dublin | Ireland)

I had 8 hours of GMAT prep with Conrad and all of my sessions went very well. We had no scheduling issues, all of our sessions were completed on time. Conrad was great, very helpful and totally prepared - he taught at the perfect pace and clearly explained all of the material. I never felt lost or bored and he answered all of my questions. I feel that Conrad was able to help me successfully prepare and improve my skills for the GMAT!


GMAT Student Review (Dublin | Ireland)

I had GMAT private tutoring with Paul. He was a wonderful tutor. Excellent package of content, response, skills, patience and knowledge. Overall the follow up by Manhattan Elite Prep is good.

-Lional R.

GMAT Student Review (Florence | Italy)

My tutor Paul cleared quite a lot of fundamentals and tactics to approach the questions. The energy of the instructor was great. His patience and knowledge cannot be missed out from mentioning. My GMAT prep goals were achieved and all of the GMAT exam topics were well covered in our sessions. Overall I would rate my experience with Paul and Manhattan Elite Prep as 5 out of 5 or excellent. Thank you!

-Lional R.

GMAT Student Review (Florence | Italy)

Scott is awesome! He did a great job at helping me prepare for my GMAT exam.


GMAT Student Review (Milan | Italy)

Lucy makes it a point to be clear, prepared, and has a real grasp on the subject matter. The course was excellent overall and I believe that was due to Lucy and her superb teaching ability.


GMAT Student Review (Naples | Italy)

This course helped me to obtain a high enough score on the GMAT to go to my dream university. My tutor Leos was great. He was very responsive to any questions I had and d a good job at covering everything the was going to be tested on the GMAT exam. I could reach the Manhattan Elite Prep administrative staff 24/7 which was great. Thanks for that! I enjoyed being your student. I do not really have suggestions. Just continue in the same fashion with the other students. Thanks for all your efforts! :)

-Maik W.

GMAT Student Review (Naples | Italy)

My instructor was Lucy and she was able to cover all the GMAT topics and material well. Overall she was very good and I'm glad I used Manhattan Elite Prep!


GMAT Student Review (Rome | Italy)

Overall I would rate my GMAT preparation with Manhattan Elite Prep and my instructor William as excellent. All topics and material were well-covered. The course material and your administrative support were also outstanding. What made me chooses Manhattan Elite Prep over their competitors was their reputation. I was very impressed with William's teaching ability, preparedness, knowledge of subjects, responsiveness to my questions, and his accuracy.


GMAT Student Review (Venice | Italy)

My GMAT instructor Craig is friendly, smart and offers good insight. He's a fine teacher who provides new strategies for approaching problems, which is very useful. I also appreciate the friendliness and responsiveness of the administrative staff.


GMAT Student Review (Hiroshima | Japan)

The math part was excellent in reviewing algebra. The review of English grammar was superb and I honestly feel more confident. I would certainly recommend this GMAT course to my friends. I was also happy with the English sentence correction review. Prior to attending the course my score was really poor in the sentence correction section and now I am making tremendous progress. Thank you for your help!


GMAT Student Review (Kobe | Japan)

Thanks so much to David for his excellent guidance in preparing for my GMAT exam. I am absolutely delighted with my score of 710, especially given that I only began preparing for the test five weeks ago. Both Manhattan Elite Prep and David himself have been excellent in helping me make the most of my time to achieve the best results I could have hoped for.


GMAT Student Review (Kyoto | Japan)

Just wanted to let you know that I took the GMAT and got a 720. I'm quite happy with the score! Thank you very much for all your help - it certainly made my studying a lot easier, especially given the fact that I only had three weeks or so to prepare.


GMAT Student Review (Osaka | Japan)

I attended Manhattan Elite Prep's GMAT preparation course and got a GMAT score of 710, which is quite good, so thanks for your help!


GMAT Student Review (Tokyo | Japan)

I attended the weekend GMAT course and would just like to pass my thanks to my tutor David. I only had time to do about 5 hours of self-study so I found the Manhattan Elite Prep course critical to my success. I took the GMAT for the first time last Friday and scored 690. Many thanks to David an the Manhattan Elite Prep team.


GMAT Student Review (Kuwait City)

My GMAT tutor Faith was very kind and comprehensive. She would always take the time to explain things thoroughly and would give many examples. The administrative staff at Manhattan Elite Prep was very professional and always quick to assist me and respond to my inquires. Faith did a great job at covering all of the GMAT topics. She always came prepared to our sessions and was a great GMAT tutor overall.


GMAT Student Review (Kuwait City | Kuwait)

My GMAT Private Tutoring with Elissa was excellent. She was a great tutor! We were able to cover everything during our time together to ensure that I felt well prepared for my GMAT exam. Manhattan Elite Prep had great administrative staff and great instructors. Overall it was a great experience and all of my GMAT prep goals were met!

-Andrew G.