Recent LSAT Student Success

LSAT Student Review (New York)

I just completed your LSAT Long Course. Overall I found the course very effective, the instructor and the course materials were great, all topics were well-covered, the administrative support team was also very helpful, the instructor spoke clearly, was always prepared, and his knowledge of the subjects was excellent. He was also always responsive to student questions.


LSAT Student Review (Atlanta | Georgia)

George is great. He has a vast knowledge for the subject and is responsive to any questions that arise. He is gifted at teaching, very accurate, and facilitates discussions well


LSAT Student Review (Baltimore | Maryland)

Don is an excellent instructor. He makes sure to be clear, and is always responsive to my questions. His preparedness is also fantastic, he's all around great.


LSAT Student Review (Charlotte | North Carolina)

George is awesome! He has a vast knowledge for the subject and is responsive to any questions that arise. He is very interactive and demonstrative with problems. He is gifted at teaching, very accurate, and faciliates discussions well.


LSAT Student Review (Chicago | Illinois)

Jonathan was very approachable and took the time to explain anything I was having trouble with. I would rate this course and Jonathan a 5/5 excellent! Thanks Manhattan Elite Prep.


LSAT Student Review (Houston | Texas)

Peter was very professional. He is a great tutor. I know that if I can I will be requesting him the next time I need tutoring. I would tell others that ManhattanElitePrep is expensive but that I think it is still a great resource if you have the money. I learned a great system that is sure to improve my LSAT score.


LSAT Student Review (Las Vegas | Nevada)

Deepen is a great instructor and it was a pleasure working with him. Our sessions together went very well and I loved everything about his teaching style. He spoke clearly, at a good pace, and he explained the concepts in a manner that made them clear to me and easily understandable.


LSAT Student Review (Phoenix | Arizona)

Madeleine was great, stayed five minutes over time, and came prepared. She brought useful materials and was generally able to pinpoint where I needed help.


LSAT Student Review (Portland | Oregon)

I really enjoyed classes with Kara, and we are going to meet again soon this week. I can say that I am satisfied and feel that I am improving my skills.


LSAT Student Review (San Jose | California)

All topics and material were well-covered by Liz. The course material was excellent and really helped me achieve my full potential on the LSAT. Liz was patient with me and clear in her explanations as well as consistently prepared. I choose Manhattan Elite Prep over other competitors because of your instructors. -Monica

LSAT Student Review (Stamford | Connecticut)

The sessions with Dan are going well. He is very knowledgeable and is doing a good job of preparing me.


LSAT Student Review (Tampa | Florida)

I wanted to let you know that my class is going great with Doreen and I have found it very helpful. She is very knowledgeable and realistic when it comes to how much I can really improve my score. When I first signed up with MEP, I wanted to be part of a class that was in Tampa. I am thankful that I have a private tutor and appreciate MEP compensating since there were not enough students that signed up for the class.