Your B-School Resume

Your B-School resume is such a vital part of your application – unlike any other application for post-university study; your resume is a real deciding factor.

Odds are, you don’t think you’re the perfect MBA applicant. “If only,” you think, “I had a normal resume and everything looked perfect. I’d be a shoe-in.”

Allow me to reassure you, nobody has a “normal resume.” And if they do, odds are they aren’t “normal people.”

Anyway, being an MBA isn’t about being normal. It’s about being extraordinary, it’s about being innovative, and it’s about being a driving force for the future. Normal is for the people who sink into the sands of time and disappear. You know that you’re better than that!

While thinking about B-School resumes the other day, I started to think about the potential problems that certain extraordinary, innovative, powerful individuals might have when making their own resumes. These individuals would be, of course, superheroes.

OK, Batman: Sure, he heads big-name Wayne Enterprises, but a lot of his accomplishments are “confidential.” How best to express that? He has a lot of trade secrets that don’t belong on a resume.

Spiderman: Great educational background, flexible, good at a lot of different things, but how can you prevent making him look like a dilettante? The last thing you want to do is look immature.

Iron Man: Now, this is a great resume! Everything Stark Industries does is a success. Now, if only we could figure out a way to account for that time off…

Dr. Manhattan: Obviously brilliant (and omnipotent), but has a background that’s primarily in science rather than business. It would be essential to include his “diplomatic” efforts as proof of his communication skills.

As strange as it may seem, on paper, it’s the villains that have the “better” resumes: Lex Luthor, Green Goblin, Ozymandias? So, if you think your resume is problematic, count yourself as one of the good guys.

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