MBA Waitlist & Reapplication Strategy

Under both circumstances it is important to carefully consider which additional materials you want to submit to the admissions board. Visiting the school can be a great way to demonstrate your strong desire and show your dedication to attending if admitted. But make sure to call ahead and see if school visits are possible and/or desired. Some schools may not have the time to meet with you personally and conduct an interview. On a similar note, sending them long, or superfluous materials to try and bolster your application and get their attention can also be harmful and off-putting to admissions board members, who are already tasked with reviewing numerous other applicant’s materials.

If you cannot meet with someone from the school administration directly, you should still consider a visit to the campus. Research ahead, if there are student organizations or groups that you are interested in becoming a part of, go to one of their meetings and introduce yourself. It is possible that the faculty advisor would be willing to put in a good word for you.

Consider your application and candidacy. What can you bring to the student body that other students can’t? What makes you unique? Pick one of your strengths that differentiates you from other applicants and structure your supplemental materials (in the case of wait listing), or your revised application (for reapplication), to highlight that strength.

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