Reapplying to Business School

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The decision to reapply to a school that has previously rejected your application should never be undertaken lightly. There is usually a reason (or a few) why you were not accepted or were not qualified for acceptance into their incoming class. The idea that, the application pool at the time of your submission was “more challenging” or that there is a greater chance of you getting into the same school the next year without making a serious overall of you application materials is inaccurate. Schools are continuing to gain an increasing amount of applicants from all over the world, with increasingly better credentials.

As Tom Kania, one of our top Admissions Consultants, points out, it is important to keep in mind that merely having been previously rejected immediately puts you at a disadvantage in comparison with other applicants in your pool. You will need to make significant improvements to your overall candidacy for application and carefully examine if you are capable of gaining admission to this program or whether you need to set your sights on a more attainable one.

Having an experienced Admissions Counselor look over your application package is definitely the best way to help understand where you might have slipped up on your first application attempt. An Admissions Consultant can instruct you on how to make the necessary improvements to your application or give you guidance on where you might consider applying in addition or instead of the school that originally rejected you.

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