How to Prepare for GMAT while you are so busy?

Applying for Business School is quite unlike applying for any other form of graduate education. For most graduate programs, the applicants are interested in helping their career get somewhere. For MBA applicants, they are applying BECAUSE their career is ALREADY going somewhere! That means that, unlike your friends applying to law school, MA, MS, MEd, MSW, or PhD programs, you have very little time to prepare for your GMAT exam, practice you’re your interviews and write your essays. You feel like you need an extra day in the week. We get it, and we can help!

We know that you feel that you learn best in a classroom setting, and that you want the assistance of an easily accessible, expert teacher when you prepare for the GMAT. “But how can I”, you ask, “when I hardly have time to get my work done? I am trying to advance in my field, not ruin my career!”

This is where Manhattan Elite Prep’s Online GMAT course comes in.

If you’re wondering…

“I don’t live in your time zone! Will I have to take class at an inconvenient time?”

–Absolutely not! Manhattan Elite Prep’s GMAT online courses are specially designed to serve individuals’ schedules, no matter where they live.

“Is the online interface hard to use, or bad for my computer, or irritating?”

–Our online interface is incredibly simple, web-based, and extremely natural. You can communicate with your expert instructor by typing OR speaking into your headset during class. All lessons are in real time, live, and class sizes are small. Missed a point, or need to leave early? You can listen to the class again as many times as you need. You can email your instructor the moment a question comes up – before, during, or after class – and get a quick response.

With Manhattan Elite Prep you will improve your GMAT score, at your own pace, at your own convenience, without extra travel.