GMAT Critical Reasoning – Method of Reasoning Practice Questions

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Watch for opinions in the answer choices of Method of Reasoning questions. You’re looking for a sound, logical answer to the argument.


It is true that it is against international law to sell plutonium to countries that do not yet have nuclear weapons. But if United States companies do not do so, companies in other countries will.

Which of the following is most like the argument above in its logical structure?

(A) It is true that it is against the police department’s policy to negotiate with kidnappers.  But if the police want to prevent loss of life, they must negotiate in some cases.

(B) It is true that it is illegal to refuse to register for military service.  But there is a long tradition in the United States of conscientious objection to serving in the armed forces.

(C) It is true that it is illegal for a government official to participate in a transaction in which there is an apparent conflict of interest.  But if the facts are examined carefully, it will clearly be seen that there was no actual conflict of interest in the defendant’s case.

(D) It is true that it isn’t the law to burglarize people’s homes.  But someone else certainly would have burglarized that house if the defendant had not done so first.

(E) It is true that company policy forbids supervisors to fire employees w/o two written warnings. But there have been many supervisors who have disobeyed this policy.

*The correct answer choice is (D). Generic strategy: fairly straightforward questions.

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