Getting Scholarships for Business School

The cost of obtaining an MBA is significant and usually requires some combination of loans, financial aid and personal investment. Unlike many private undergraduate schools, the offers for scholarships based on merit or otherwise are not as readily available for business school. While many student loan brokers are willing to approve much larger amounts of money for graduate students than undergraduate, it's important to know that there are scholarships out there.

If you are willing to do some in-depth research into different organizations, both public and private, it's entirely possible to get scholarships to help pay for your MBA education. Unfortunately, because there are far fewer MBA scholarships out there than other types of education scholarships, the competition is fierce.

This means that making sure you are submitting the best essay and materials possible is paramount to giving you a chance at being selected. An experienced Admissions Counselor from Manhattan Elite Prep can help improve your chances of success by making sure that your essay is carefully crafted to reflect the specific desires of each organization/scholarship to which you are applying. Scholarship applications, like admissions applications, are time consuming.

Making sure that you are not wasting your time applying for numerous scholarships without a specific strategy, or someone to advise you on how to maximize your potential to receive them is very important. Our MBA (business school) Admissions Consulting services include essay editing, interview preparation, application reviews & tailored Dedicated Packs & Elite Packs that offer side-by-side assistance throughout the entire application process.

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